Revamp of Private Dairy Giant - Godrej Jersey's Brand Identity

Revamp of Private Dairy Giant - Godrej Jersey's Brand Identity

The outdated brand identity of Jersey was redone by NH1 Design to communicate a contemporary and modern brand image to its audience.

An Insight into the Journey of Jersey

Jersey is a leading dairy player in Southern India and has been constantly evolving and adding to its portfolio with its diversified range of dairy products. Since it was established in 1986 as Creamline Dairy Products Limited, the company began marketing its products with the name 'Jersey' and has carved a niche for itself in the private dairy industry.

New Collaboration Calls for a New Brand Identity

After the collaboration with Godrej, Jersey needed to revamp its brand identity and ensure that it was fresh as well as familiar. It was found that the branding had become outdated and that Jersey's competitors had rebranded according to the modernised market. After further research, the team at NH1 Design decided to rebrand the products while staying true to its long-standing heritage and making sure it is appealing to today's generation.

Complex Portfolio Navigation 

The team at NH1 Design found that the brand lacked consistent graphic design elements which could lead to deterrence in communicating the brand identity in a simplified manner. To rebrand, a coherent design theme was an essential component of the plan. The consumer brand association with Jersey of over 25 years needed strengthening as the brand loyalty for the product had to be affirmed. Moreover, it was found that collaboration with Godrej had not been effectively communicated and signified as a part of branding. Hence the team decided to leverage the Godrej name during rebranding to become relevant and modern by other dairy competitors.

"The signature cow patches were retained as they had maximum recall value and were redesigned to give the packaging a contemporary look"

Godrej Jersey - A Modernised Brand

The brand was given a modern look as this would enable an easy connection with today's generation. The team started by retaining the iconic cow packaging as it had a high recall value and could be used as a contemporary design which symbolises the modernised consumer mindset. This design solution fits seamlessly for other milk-based products without making them seem alienated. This recognisable pattern was colour coded to simplify brand identity and provided a coherent brand theme. 

The logo of the new brand now showed a modern font while the typography and the patch on the pack had been curved to resemble a smiling face. Furthermore, different names indicating clear descriptions for each product were introduced to convey a straightforward message about the product. Cultural products such as 'doodh peda' and 'lassi' were included to ensure Jersey could be a part of the Indian household during celebrations and festivals. The new design theme reaffirms customer loyalty while continuing the promise of trust and good quality personified by Godrej.

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