Renewing Classical Identity of SBI by Design Stack!

Renewing Classical Identity of SBI by Design Stack!

Design Stack spells out the major and minor of rebranding State Bank of India from its conventional state to one more representative of current times and digital services.


Design Stack was to create a new visual identity for State Bank of India, the nation's largest and iconic Bank. Since SBI had stepped up its efforts towards developing digital products and services, a paradigm shift from its traditional methods to one more fitting towards, and in tune with, current times. The task lay in improvising upon its identity alongside to reflect the needs of an increasingly digitised world.


The key was to appeal to a new, growing and emerging audience while also retaining the trust of the bank's existing customers – In other words, one that would translate to a new identity that built on the brand's legacy and trust, yet imbibed a new energetic and dynamic nature. Since the State Bank of India monogram has been synonymous with the brand, for so long, it made sense to preserve and refine it, instead of changing it altogether and shocking its identity. The monogram was opened up to create more space. A step towards being contemporary, "State Bank of India" was abbreviated into "SBI", to make it more relatable. The colour palette was expanded for scale and play, too. The deep, ink-like blue represents trust and integrity. A youthful yellow was introduced, alongside, for generating a contrast and contemporary feel.


The brand now retains its core values, while harvesting a new look and feel. It is completely new in characteristic, and, at the same time, also recognisable by its' original individuality. It is now perceived as more open and approachable.

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