Sol Mexican Grill: Embracing Sunshine in Brand Renewal!

Sol Mexican Grill: Embracing Sunshine in Brand Renewal!

Transforming Taste into a Sunlit Brand Experience.

In the bustling streets of Washington D.C., Sol Mexican Grill stands as a beacon of authentic Mexican cuisine. When approached by the restaurant for a rebrand, Futura Design Studio saw an opportunity to capture the essence of Mexican taste and generosity in a vibrant visual identity.

The Brief

Sol Mexican Grill aimed to rejuvenate its brand without losing the cherished elements that defined its identity. The challenge lay in infusing freshness while preserving the soul of the established brand.

The Challenge

Futura faced the task of refreshing Sol Mexican Grill's image while ensuring continuity and recognition among its loyal patrons. The studio needed to encapsulate the essence of Mexican cuisine's fusion, generosity, and the allure of the sunlight that defines the experience.

The studio strategically employed warm hues evoking the culinary warmth while paying homage to Mexico's flag. A distinct "Mexican pink" took the place of traditional red, aligning with the vibrant culinary flavors.

To maintain brand continuity, Futura retained the essence of the previous logo, enhancing it with a heavy sans-serif typography. Four dynamic logo variations emerged, each capturing the spirit of the sun in its diverse representations.

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