Reclaiming Kellogg's Iconic Status with a Bold Redesign!

Landor's redesign brings Kellogg's back to prominence, blending heritage with modern consumer trends.
Reclaiming Kellogg's Iconic Status with a Bold Redesign!

The Challenge: Revitalising a Century-Old Icon

After a century of growth, Kellogg's iconic designs were losing their relevance. The brand was fading fast, its distinction eroded by competitors who responded to healthier consumer habits through their designs.


  • Recapture Kellogg's category leadership

  • Reclaim its sacred assets

The Story

Armed with the certainty of our proprietary data, the team Landor helped Kellogg's do more than just catch up. They broke through the sea of sameness created by kraft paper effects and generic green claims. They aimed to declare what Kellogg’s had always been proudly:

  • The original

  • Authentic inventor and leader of its category

  • Offering an unparalleled choice from pure indulgence to health

Meaningful Revolution: Embracing Iconicity

The team Landor emphasised—and even played with—the features that make Kellogg's iconic. The wordmark was cropped, giving the Masterbrand the spotlight it deserved. They refreshed all the Kellogg’s characters, telling the story from seed to bowl in a way only Kellogg’s could: as your morning’s best friend, the one who will always put a smile on your face.

The Pack is Back: Simplicity and Confidence

The team Landor radically simplified Kellogg’s packaging, discarding the overused Photoshop effects to confidently present their cereals—just as they are when you eat them. This approach was applied across the whole range, focusing on clarity and simplicity while highlighting the natural grain goodness. The entire portfolio became brighter and more cohesive, standing louder and prouder on the shelves than ever before.

A Successful Transformation

The clean, cutting-edge identity and pack design resonated with changing consumer trends. Research showed that nearly 70% of consumers found the packs on the shelf more easily, and the new designs increased purchase intent by almost 50%.

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