Ogilvy's Rebranding and Restyling by COLLINS

Ogilvy's Rebranding and Restyling by COLLINS

While we know that change is an integral part of life, David Ogilvy strived to make his company, "Ogilvy", better and prepared for the future, by seeking certain changes. COLLINS, a brand design company, stepped in and created perfect strategies for Ogilvy in the form of rebranding, and also for its fundamental work environment.

Brief/ Challenge: 

The world is rapidly propelling towards change, with an influx of new technologies, machine intelligence, prominent channels, and empowered consumers. Realizing the need for a creative shift in his advertising company, "Ogilvy", Mr. David Ogilvy asserted that "Change is their lifeblood."

Since even the advertising industry is growing and transforming swiftly, COLLINS took up the challenge of developing a new, future-facing version of Ogilvy. By putting their artistic ideas into action, COLLINS initiated a transformation and created a fresh way of working and a brand new vision for the future of the company.

While Ogilvy was already in a process of streamlining the company, COLLINS decided to provide its own spin to Ogilvy's old style and design an innovative rebranding for their future. Coincidently, both the companies shared a relationship prior to working on this project, which strengthened their association.


While Ogilvy has a creative network of offices around the globe, they realized that change is inevitable to meet the prerequisites of the future ahead. To bring a shift in the company, they removed internal divisions and obstructions so as to provide a clear path for adopting new measures.

COLLINS developed an interesting strategy of removing all barriers and making the objectives of the employees to unite as a single workforce for the company. Regardless of the individual's particular skill set, they would perform in order to increase the overall creativity and productivity of the company.

The uniqueness of a company comes through its visual appeal and the overall vibe it emits. The previous logo of Ogilvy had a connection to its history, which COLLINS revamped and presented as new in the form of rebranding. As their strategy depicts, they modified the new logo from David Ogilvy's signature, which was his trademark, to Baskerville, which represented the mark of many people.

Adapting this approach in their new set of developments, they chose two custom typefaces - an updated Baskerville and a modern sans serif for their logos and other readable modules. This improved the legibility in both fronts - digital and analog. Along with these considerable changes, a dynamic colour palette created a noteworthy impact of all Ogilvy materials, while an update in the linguistic standard brought about accurate developments in the company's voice.

David Ogilvy vouched for change and made his company thrive higher with the inputs that COLLINS provided. A perfect blend of the past with the present and also its future aspirations, gave Ogilvy a transformation in all aspects and prepare itself for their further growth as a creative and advertising company.

Client: Ogilvy

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