New Quirky Rebranding for Mailchimp!

New Quirky Rebranding for Mailchimp!

Mailchimp, a successful marketing company, announced a rebranding that stands out while staying true to the essence of the company.

Brief/ Challenge: 

The marketing company, Mailchimp has grown exponentially over the past 17 years of their existence. After all the success they wanted a complete rebranding that caught everyone's attention and stayed true to their identity.


When young companies grow over years and succeed, they tend to go for a rebranding that reflects their new found maturity and expertise in the field. The general trend is to shed their old skin of unpolished branding, to embrace a more sophisticated, cutting edge appearance.

Collins, a New-York based strategy and design company, did the exact opposite with the rebranding for Mailchimp, and that's what makes it interesting. Instead of reflecting the 17 years of success and experience the company has seen, the rebranding demonstrates a child-like personality, with rough and sketchy illustrations and a 1920's typeface. Even Freddie, the logo-cum-mascot was slightly modified but retained. The overall feel of the branding is something of a kindergarten scrapbook, but in doing so the brand comes across as friendly. The rebranding dispels the unapproachable vibe that we generally see with technology companies. Only time can tell if this strategy will work. But it is definitely a bold and unique approach.

Client: Mailchimp
Design Studio: Collins
Solution/Expertise: Branding Strategy, Communication Design

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