H&H Bagels Gets a Modern Makeover: Revitalizing a NYC Icon for Global Appeal!

H&H Bagels Gets a Modern Makeover: Revitalizing a NYC Icon for Global Appeal!

High Tide blends tradition with accessibility, crafting a fresh visual identity that retains the classic charm.

For half a century, H&H Bagels has symbolised New York's culinary heritage, gracing screens and satisfying cravings with its renowned bagels. As the brand embarked on a nationwide (USA) journey, it sought High Tide's expertise to reimagine its identity, blending authenticity with accessibility.

Founded in 1972, H&H Bagels epitomises New York's essence, evolving from a local favourite to an institution. With plans for extensive growth, preserving its New York charm while appealing to a broader audience became paramount.

High Tide's Founder and Creative Director, Danny Miller, shares, "This was more than a project to me, as it brought up memories from my childhood of stopping by H&H on my way to Central Park. We aimed to showcase New York's culture authentically, giving H&H a premium yet unmistakably NYC feel."

Maintaining ownership of its identity was crucial, especially amidst imitations of its original branding. High Tide crafted a fresh visual identity, incorporating bespoke lettering and a redesigned seal as a nod to tradition. The logo, versatile yet distinctive, harmonises with various applications and partnerships seamlessly.

Typography, a blend of serif, sans serif, and script, conveys accessibility and sophistication across platforms. Coupled with captivating food photography, the brand exudes freshness and quality.

The colour selection was deliberate, infusing H&H's classic navy blue with vibrant accents like cobalt blue and ketchup red. Miller explains, "By refining the navy and introducing secondary hues, we struck a balance between tradition and innovation, enhancing the brand's vibrancy."

From packaging to online presence, every touchpoint reflects H&H's rich heritage and contemporary appeal. CEO Jay Rushin expresses excitement about the brand's evolution, affirming, "High Tide's collaboration has elevated our visual identity, offering customers an enhanced experience."

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