From Candy Nostalgia to Multi-Category Domination with GODESi

From Candy Nostalgia to Multi-Category Domination with GODESi

A Rebranding Story with GO DESi and Locopopo Studio.

The GO DESi brand, founded in 2018, has its roots firmly planted in nostalgia. GO DESi sets itself apart from others with a simple yet powerful mission—to remind people of their childhood. By tapping into cherished memories and crafting narratives of nostalgia, the brand has experienced significant popularity.

Over the past six years, GO DESi has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of new authentically-Indian categories. As the business continued to thrive and reach new heights, it became evident that a brand refresh was in order. Recognising the need to realign the brand, GO DESi embarked on a journey to revitalise its image and reinforce its position in the market. 

To tackle this exciting challenge, the expertise and creative prowess of Locopopo Studio proved to be the perfect fit.

Before the Refresh…

DESi POPz is one of the first and key categories of GO DESi. A desi lollipop which is tangy, flavourful, and made from traditional recipes using natural ingredients.  It was DESi POPz that catapulted the brand to fame. Accompanying this iconic product are additional offerings such as DESi Meetha, a collection of wholesome traditional barfis, and DESi Mints, a refreshing assortment of Mukhwaas inspired by the iconic Meetha Paan.

Locopoco, with GODESi, realised that as the products diversify and the company enters the expansion phase, it needs to shed the nostalgic candy brand image and set their sights on transforming into a multi-category brand with a diverse range of products. 

Recognising the need for a comprehensive brand overhaul, Locopopo set the wheels in motion towards a new era of growth and innovation.

From Desi to DESi

The graphic brand patterns underwent a transformation, evolving from a simple sphere to a dynamic starburst design. Drawing inspiration from Indian border art, Locopopo Studio infused the logo with a fresh design sensibility, resulting in a captivating brand image.

The newly created graphic patterns maintained versatility, allowing them to be applied across various product categories, maintaining a cohesive visual identity throughout the brand's offerings.

A Bespoke Palette With A Special Cause

One of the notable outcomes of the rebranding process was the creation of a vibrant colour palette and the bold line art illustrations. When used together, these elements played a pivotal role in crafting a distinctive appearance for each product category within the extensive line of categories available.

GO DESi's commitment to supporting job creation and entrepreneurship in rural India also found a special place within this rebrand. By visually representing these initiatives, the brand aimed to communicate its social responsibility and foster a deeper connection with its target audience, ultimately amplifying the brand's impact and purpose.

Utility Meets Nostalgia

In addition to the refreshed aesthetic, the packaging also was redesigned to enhance the brand experience. The boxes were ingeniously constructed to be self-collapsible, transforming into convenient candy dispensers at selling points. This innovative packaging solution not only added functionality, but one can also easily identify the flavours of the candies on display through vibrant colours. 

Through the collaborative efforts of GO DESi and Locopopo Studio, the rebranding initiative has successfully positioned GO DESi as a dynamic and diverse brand, capturing the hearts and taste buds of consumers. With a refreshed brand identity and a range of authentic and nostalgic products, GO DESi is well-positioned to continue its expansion into new markets and make a lasting impact in the industry.

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