Farmers Hen House: From Farm to Shelf, celebrating Natural Eggs with a New Look!

Farmers Hen House: From Farm to Shelf, celebrating Natural Eggs with a New Look!

Bader Rutter helps premium egg company refresh their brands for nationwide expansion.

Kalona, Iowa-based Farmers Hen House, renowned for its Organic Free-Range, and Pasture-Raised Organic eggs, partnered with Bader Rutter to revamp its brand identity as it prepares to grace the shelves of conventional grocery stores across the country.

"Connecting with consumers revealed a top priority: proper animal care," shared Nick Praznowski, director of industry analysis at Bader Rutter. "Consumers want to know where their food comes from, and Farmers Hen House prioritizes this transparency. Their partnership with Amish and Mennonite egg producers ensures the hens have ample space to roam, receive top-notch care, and enjoy locally sourced feed. Our redesign highlights these values in a way that resonates with today's mindful consumers."

As one of the nation's leading egg brands with a strong commitment to sustainability, Farmers Hen House sought a redesign that reflected this core value. "Everything from solar-powered processing facilities to regenerative grain cycles showcases our commitment to hens and the environment," said Ryan Miller, Farmers Hen House CEO. "The new branding captures this holistic experience, emphasizing the care taken at every step, from farm to shelf."

"We needed to differentiate Farmers Hen House in a crowded market," explained Ned Brown, chief creative officer at Bader Rutter. "The new identity showcases the exceptional care given to their hens, making it instantly recognizable on the shelf."

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