Dunkin’ has Undergone a Makeover and it is Exquisite!

Dunkin’ has Undergone a Makeover and it is Exquisite!

Dunkin' is a now single as 'donuts' has officially been dropped off from its previous name. Nevertheless, the team of Jones Knowles Ritchie put their creative caps on and worked hard towards transforming the brand in such a way that the exclusivity remains pristine.

Brief/ Challenge:

A company that is a synonym for providing the best coffees and donuts all over the world, for over 50 years, knocked at the door of Jones Knowles Ritchie for a re-establishment of its brand. While the font and the pink and orange colors make the branding unique, it was a challenge for the team to revamp the brand in a way that the distinctiveness remains intact.


Along with tweaking the overall look of the brand, the company even dropped 'donuts' from its name and switched it to just "Dunkin". Just like coffee is associated with donuts, sweet with savory, cream with sugar, Dunkin' is associated with its signature Frankfurter font and pink and orange colors. Acknowledging the importance of these prime features, the team of Jones Knowles Ritchie struck upon an idea to update the font itself.

They developed a custom update of Frankfurter called Dunkin Sans by adding a serif inspired by Dunkin's use of Souvenir in the 1970's. A combination of this newly customized typography and the old colors resulted into a new presentation of the brand by giving a modern twist to the former logo. While the team wondered as to why Dunkin' even required that bit of jolt, they were quite successful in creating something that captured the nostalgia of the brand which lies in the hearts of millions of Dunkin's loyal fans.

"America runs on Dunkin" turned out to be amazingly true when over one billion impressions in the first 24 hours of the release of the amplified brand, helped Dunkin' become a US trending topic on Twitter. Jones Knowles Ritchie was a major source that assisted Dunkin' to get on "First Name Terms with America"  which also resulted in immense coverage that included The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, The New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Forbes and more.

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