Deconstructing Brand Identity of Delhivery

Deconstructing Brand Identity of Delhivery

Animal creates visual identity for Delhivery by showcasing the process behind logistics through distinct iconography and typeface.

The Brief

Delhivery is a Delhi based logistics business making its mark in the industry by being a full- stack program covering even the remote areas across the country.

They commissioned Animal, an independent creative agency to develop an identity that would represent the company's dynamic workforce going hand in hand with technology to become the country's finest B2B and B2C shippers.

The Challenge

Essentially, a brand identity is the visual showcase imbibing the personality of the business in conjunction with being impressionable to its customers. Therefore, it is very crucial to understand the ethos of the brand and its promise to the customers before delving deep into the aspects of designing.

Moreover, another major challenge is the brand's positioning: a definitive need to stand out in a sea of established and traditional corporate peers.

To a layman, logistics is a mechanical industry delivering packages from point A to B. Thus, Animal taps into the implementation aspect of this complex operation in Delhivery to showcase the efficiency of the brand and what it is built upon.

The Solution

According to Animal, the starting point in creating the identity began by developing the catchy strapline: Small World. This everyday phrase encapsulated Delhivery's ultimate quest and became the base for the progression that ensued.

Priding in its human-led machine-driven process, Delhivery wanted this to be effectively showcased in the brand design. Deciphering the complex operation of logistics into a simplistic visual device created by using tangram – an ancient Chinese puzzle that comprises of seven pieces within a square, Animal created an animated iconography demonstrating some of the invisible aspects of the everyday business in Delhivery to its consumers.

Each of the seven pieces twist and turn changing shapes to form the narrative. This portrayal humanises the mechanical perception of the business and is imprinted in all of its products and merchandise with their signature black, white and red colours.

A custom-made, bold, Neo-Modernist font of 'Delhivery' that leaves out a square at either corner of the wordmark depicts the origin and destination of each package with the brand itself symbolising the connecting path. This effective visual underlies the cutting-edge technology that the logistics company is known for in its efficient delivery system.

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