B for Brand. B for Bewakoof.

B for Brand. B for Bewakoof.

Spanning over 7 years of successful eminence of fashionable utilities, Bewakoof has rebranded itself to discover its kinship with the newer generation. Truly reflecting the experimentally outlandish and creative repose of the brand, Thought over Design shares the interpretive reconstruction of Bewakoof designed with original elements freshly interlaced with new seminary of thought.

Client - Bewakoof
Requirements - Bewakoof Rebranding

B for Brief

Bewakoof is an Indian fashion brand, a corporeality of the connotation of "why so serious". Started in 2012, Bewakoof established itself by breaking the preconceived notion of what it means to be "Bewakoof".

The word "Bewakoof" originates from Urdu language, meaning idiocy or foolishness. The term is popularly used in India for a person acting stupid.

Now, you may wonder, why does a word like "Bewakoof" finds any motif to be associated with a fashion brand?

Well, the answer is quite simple. And creatively blunt.

A person being stupid or bewakoof translates, figuratively and factually, to a person acting without giving much thought to what people or society might think - to risk it all for an idea without a second thought.

If anything, commemorating such a commonly known concept and applying to a fashion brand is a brilliant idea. Bewakoof ensures that it elevates and highlights the confidence of carrying yourself unapologetically and jocularly.

This concept differentiates Bewakoof from other contemporary Indian fashion brands aiming for youth appeal. Bewakoof is already the talk of B-town (B as in Branding) amongst the boomers and it was about damn time to interact with Generation Z as well as the Alpha generation. To attain this rejuvenated spawn, Thought over Design took the responsibility to enunciate a rebranded version of Bewakoof.

B for Brandtheca - The Design Reprise

To quote the ongoing trendsetters in the design world, you need to set your voice in big bold letters and the way to do it is to use your unique contrasting saturation levels. Fetched from the Thought Over Design's work archive, the rebranding concept of Bewakoof is set by the three C's - Culture, Category, and Competitive analysis. 

If you look at the statistics in recent times, these three C's determine the most critical challenges faced by brand designers these days. And, to rebrand Bewakoof, TOD (Thought Over Design) ensured to plan the design strategy offering these three factors the limelight.

Furthermore, this design strategy can be accounted for in three categories- Ground Zero, Kernel and Rendering.

1. Ground Zero

Thought Over Design begins the initiation stage by creating a brand introduction layout - logo and typography (typeface).

The watchword for Bewakoof is a fun and goofy countenance: the kind of fun that is harmless and cordial; the kind of goofy that is creatively astute, artful, and exuberant.

The bold funky typeface with eyeglasses mnemonics against the signature yellow background comprises the Bewakoof's logo. This logo embodies Bewakoof's brand narrative perfectly. The use of bright colour shades like blue, light purple, rusty red, etc. is an instant bonus point of mesmerising showdown.

Additionally, the mnemonics illustrated for the brand logo are quite expressive. It creates a fusion of animated visage that expresses different emotions and delivers the vivacious attitude of the brand.

2. Kernel

Moving on from Ground Zero, TOD steps forward to Visual manoeuvring. The design crew at Thought Over Design ensured to utilise the contemporary folklore, Memes, of Generation Z.

Creating a visual collage of Bewakoof's central brand motif simplifies the appeal code for its key demographics. Keeping the brand promotions and marketing precisely narrative-driven is one of the key tactics used by TOD team.

The big banner-styled connotations and ditzy tone set a performative brand language - modern desiMasti, Oof, Bhai, Tu 13(tera) dekh, etc. exudes the typical desi schmooze that we experience daily. 

Thought Over Design has found the ultimate hack to regulate emotional nexus with Bewakoof's audience. Adding glimpses and influences from trending social media culture is so good that it cannot be missed.

Apart from the relatability factor, TOD squad has taken a few light steps ahead to read the crowd's engagement and inculcate their hearty chords through transparent lyrics. Every branding angle is backed by a crossover comicality; while on one end, you have Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on the other you have Bhuvan Bam.

Acknowledging the Hinglish practice and embracing India's growing love for standups - the design sleuths of Thought Over Design have drawn influence from elements that exude the typical desi humour stemming from grounded reality, instead of urban pompous dialogues.

3. Rendering

Here's to the execution! For the final determinant phase of rebranding Bewakoof, TOD sets up a strategy for digital implementation. As a blueprint of brand interaction and a predisposition of brand maturity, the marketing squad ideates an overall jovial theme for website design.

Using the brand's ingredients, unapologetic self-expression, and jollity, the website design is filled with a personalised UI/UX design with interactive stickers and functional buttons, creative model poses resembling the modern poetical culture of zines and a conversational memo conveying Bewakoof's brand testament while virtually talking to their customers.

Take a look at the web copies displayed for the rekindled Bewakoof edition- "This is my Joker Face", "Ghosting is not a good look for you, bro", "Copy to sab karte hain!".

This ingenious rendering is an instant buzz for anyone introduced to Bewakoof in the aftermath of the remodeling arrangement.

B for Buzz

The rebranded version of Bewakoof distinguishes itself from the original brand outlook at the very threshold. The illustrious dispatch is a fresh take on stereotypical fashion brands, but most importantly, it delegates to the future generation who leads relentlessly, restlessly, and recklessly to create their own kind of individuality.

Thought Over Design has successfully set in motion the new era of Bewakoofs that is 100% made in India - metaphorically, digitally and realistically. With pop bold colour families embellishing the brand canvas and funky notions that look like your next-door graffiti, Bewakoof invites the eccentric oddballs who does not just dress, but dress to make a statement.

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