A Lesson in Reviving Legacies

A Lesson in Reviving Legacies


There's something special about Campa. It transports you back in time to a simpler, more fun time. And now with the help of Reliance and Elephant Design, Campa will be able to reach more people than it ever has before.

Revitalization for the Modern Indian!

With the rise of fierce multinational competition in the 90s, the once popular Indian soft-drink brand, Campa Cola, faced a decline, leading to its recent acquisition by Reliance Consumer Products (RCPL). Now, RCPL aims to revive Campa and reintroduce it to the modern Indian market, which is teeming with options. Therefore, a crucial rebranding exercise has been initiated, focusing on preserving the brand's legacy while also differentiating it from its competitors.

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