Landor-Fitch - MoiSoi
Landor-Fitch - MoiSoi

Magical Recipe for Intuitive Branding

Serial restaurateur Deb Mukherjee’s unique bottled recipes became a consumer’s favorite in the pandemic with smart storytelling and distinguished brand identity developed by Landor & Fitch.


Moi Soi


Brand Positioning | Naming | Packaging Design | Range Architecture | Pack Activation

The Market

Bottled culinary recipes or “ready to cook” sauces have been a part of the Indian culinary market for the last 4-5 years. During the pandemic, as people craved a restaurant experience at home, this space saw a remarkable uptick in popularity. Soon brands in this space, both old and new, are in a race to deliver the best experience.

Indian brands like Veeba, Knorr, Ching’s, and Sprig have noticed a boost in sales, and even international brands like Blue Dragon and Lee Kum Kee saw an increased demand on online channels. Several D2C and small businesses have also popped up to claim their share of the market All of them compete not just in terms of taste, but to deliver a great cooking experience.

Landor-Fitch - MoiSoi
Landor-Fitch - MoiSoi
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