The BBC Logo and its Evolution over the Years

The BBC Logo and its Evolution over the Years

The well-known television network - BBC, has had a variety of logos in the past, from using the Court of Arms to redesigning the minimalistic three square blocks logo every few years. The last used logo of The British Broadcasting Corporation had a timeless appeal and was used by the company for 23 years.

This year, as the reports suggest the corporation invested 'thousands of pounds' in its rebranding and comparing the new logo to the old one, there are only a few minor changes in the new one; the addition of extra space between the square boxes and the typeface within them is now smaller and more symmetrical.

The audience's reaction to this rebranding was both positive and negative; some people had tagged this investment as a 'joke' and called out the BBC for apparently wasting the money of the taxpayers. On the other hand, some people tweeted about their preference for the new logo over the old one and commented that it was more 'modern'.

The company's main objective for this expensive investment was clearly to save money in the long run. The in-house design of the font called Reith, named after the company's founder, John Reith means they no longer have to pay for the licensing costs for Gill Sans, the originally used font style.

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