Get Inspired to Make Minimal Logos!

Get Inspired to Make Minimal Logos!

Hamed Khan Haidari is an inspiring minimalistic logo designer whose works speak for him.

Hamed was once a full-time IT and tech professional. He made the shift from the technical side to being a full-time logo designer. His logos are minimal and effortless, yet look so modern and serene.

He creates minimal logos inspired by animals and everyday life. Creating the simplest versions of logos is in fact very challenging. Here is an excerpt of an interview, where he shares his journey with us.

CG. Your journey in the creative field is inspiring. Could you talk about how it began?

Hamed. I would say that my journey first began with my love for drawing. Even as a kid, I was very creative. Later on, around 2005 was when I began using digital mediums of expression like Photoshop. I was pursuing it on the side as a hobby until 2017. I am a self-taught designer and was working as a technical consultant when I decided to switch full-time.

CG. Your logo design style is very minimal. Why that inclination towards minimalism? What is the source of your inspiration?

Hamed. One of the reasons I utilise the golden ratio so frequently in my design is because I want my designs to be simple and have proper dimensions and geometry. It must be appealing to the eye while yet being easy enough for anyone to draw it from memory. When a logo is basic and uncomplicated, it is remembered.

My logos are primarily inspired by animals, but I also produce monograms and other types of logos inspired by everyday life - the internet, movies, images, my city, and literature. For example, if I'm designing an animal logo, I aim to make it as basic as possible, yet expressing and capturing its whole value.

"Minimal logos, though they don't look complicated, are in fact the most difficult ones to make. Logo design is also evolving from sophisticated to minimal and simple, with them representing the brand everywhere."

CG. In your opinion, what do you think are some skills that are required in the creative field?

Hamed. Open-mindedness, being a good listener and speaker, and a bubbling inspiration and drive to try new things are vital. You should love what you do. I believe that when you enjoy doing something, you don't have to hunt for inspiration; it will come to you without any effort on your part.

Being a designer is only one feather in your hat. In order to succeed, you must be able to market your work, demonstrate to clients why a logo is primary and why they should choose you. You can be an excellent logo designer, but in order to flourish, you must begin to think like an entrepreneur and businessperson.

CG. Could you explain the work that is most close to your heart?

Hamed. I would say that the work that is close to my heart is one that I enjoy creating. Undoubtedly, my favourite projects are always with animals and I keep innovating ways to display them. With a lot of trial and error, you become an expert at recognising details and coming up with brilliant minimal ideas.

Some of my most creative and popular works have been created in under 5 minutes, but it takes years of practice to achieve that in that time. Currently, I’m really enjoying working on the face of a tiger – it is sophisticated, yet simple and clean.

CG. What does a day in your life look like?

Hamed. A normal day for me begins with a cup of coffee and ends when I pick up my children from preschool. I try not to work and instead spend time with my children and family. I prefer to keep myself active during the day and do a lot of things at once.

I schedule my days well and in advance. But, because my business is worldwide, I can have meetings at night as well, because somewhere the sun is shining bright, and the day has just begun.

CG. What are some challenges that you have overcome in the field? How can a designer overcome a creative block?

Hamed. I began designing logos only because I loved creating something so simple, yet so difficult – that is the biggest challenge. I did not do any of this to be seen or known. I have come a long way from sacrificing moments between my previously tight schedule of a full-time job along with that of being a parent to now making this my full-time living. The creative field is volatile, but that is the most exciting part.

During creative blocks, I just get away from my desk to do other regular activities like reading a book, taking a walk, or listening to music. This helps me revitalise to come back fresh to work well.

CG. Could you share any of the lessons that you have learned in the field?

Hamed. I am happy to be able to accomplish something I enjoy where I can get up every day and work with full zeal. It’s not worth living a life if you have to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Avoid excuses; you can always make a change and do something you enjoy.

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