Inspirational Logo Design Trends of 2018

Inspirational Logo Design Trends of 2018
Experiment by: Joe Harrison
Designed by: Design.Studio


Animated Logos

A moving entity always catches more attention and also is more informative than a still entity. Brands, wanting to carve a niche for themselves in the market, are resorting to animated logos to convey their story in a smart, impactful manner.

Designed by: The Woork Co
Designed by: Beetroot Design
Designed by: The Woork Co
Designed by: The Woork Co
Designed by: The Woork Co


Colourful & Fun Logos

The technique of being bright and bold with a subtle yet effective element of fun is a witty way of capturing the attention of the readers. This sends out the message in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Designed by: Vadim Carazan


Negative Space

Having been floating around in the design market for quite a few years, negative space doesn't seem to be losing its charm even now! Negative space in logo design is no more a plain space, but instead is juxtaposed with boldness of colours and the magic of geometric patterns.

Designed by: Vadim Carazan
Designed by: SeisTrece Studio
Designed by: Bureau Rabensteiner
Designed by: Andrei Traistă
Designed by: SeisTrece Studio



Monogram is the evergreen essential of logo design. Monograms, although, a reminiscent of the evolution of the brand and a souvenir of the brand-image, are being merged with the latest trends of bright colours, duo-tones and geometric patterns to be modernised and fit into the present day logo world.

Designed by: Andrei Traistă
Designed by: Vadim Carazan
Designed by: Ivan Nikolic
Designed by: Vadim Carazan
Designed by: Romain Billaud


Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Creating a brand statement is not just about words anymore, but is all about the amalgamation of words and minimal geometric patterns, thus rendering a brand its originality.

Designed by: Quim Marin
Designed by: islam biko
Designed by: Vadim Carazan
Designed by: islam biko



Gradients have been trending the market of the recent times and have also made their way into the world of logo design by being subtle and bold, in and out of sync, depending on the context.

Designed by: Vadim Carazan



With the trend of duotone becoming more and more popular, overlapping – a smart modification of duotones, is the new growing love in the world of logo design.

Designed by: Iris Valle
Designed by: Fontself Team
Designed by: Rosie Manning
Designed by: CaveLantern.

Thinking of how can a logo leave a long-lasting impression on the mind? Let's dive into the ocean of inspirational logo designs and see what's the best to keep the brand floating successfully!

Branding is all about creating an impression to survive, and this begins with a logo which personifies the brand, conveying its values to the users. With sudden and swift transformations of design trends in no time, it is quite a challenge to keep track and incorporate them. So, here we have enlisted some of the latest inspirational and trending styles for you to have a sneak-peek and get your brand all decked-up!


Responsive Logos

In todays world of infinite, to access a single solution from multiple devices, it is important for the logo to re-adapt itself to its display context, without loosing its original essence.

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