Top 9 Identity Design or Branding Projects of 2017

Branding or Identity design for an established product or brand is a very tricky job with its merits and risks. In 2017 some of the well-known brands gone for a rebranding and came up with stunning outputs. Here, we acknowledge them with our list of top 09 branding design of 2017.

1. The 'Spectranet' Identity Design

The new revamped identity design of Spectranet by Ochre is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and customer-centric.

2. Fanta

Designed by Studio Koto, the bold, vibrant and orangey global visual identity design of Fanta was initially re-imagined in paper-form, before putting it further to the digital process. This was done keeping in mind the fact that Fanta uses bespoke typeface created by hand, working across regular and extended weights, intending to be both natural and playful at the same time. The result, a young, trendy and expressive Fanta.
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3. SBI

Design Stack spells out the major and minor of rebranding State Bank of India from its conventional state to one more representative of current times and digital services.
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4. Mumbaiya Vada Pav

NH1 Design takes us through its approach behind freshly branding a local Indian street food outlet while ensuring that it retains an identity credible of being authentic, fun, young and affordable.
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5. Bombay Brasserie

Design Stack owned byAnoop Patnaik and Priyanka Bhasin runs us through their approach, idea and process behind providing a concept-based branding solution to culinary experts, Bombay Brasserie.

6. Relaxo

The Relaxo rebranding exercise by Elephant Design focused on infusing a youthful and transformative spirit that felt important for the growth of internal and external stakeholders of the brand. The brand's dynamism is now embodied in its forward-slanting 'Blue Berry' coloured letters, while a 'Sunny Yellow' coloured swoosh flows across it to signify a wave of transformation, optimism and positive growth.

7. which caters to travelling/traveller needs to be decided to improvise on it branding to be more fluid, vibrant, friendly and thus reliable for the young, more outgoing Indian traveller. Branding elements such as tonality, communication, look and feel were taken into consideration while shaping and improvising upon the new red logo to showcase the richness of "the Yatra experience" and its expansive depth of product portfolio. The typography, at the same time, was likewise made to be of a flowing nature, thus symbolising easy, hassle-free and smooth movement, trying to replicate a relaxed form of travelling.

8. Wipro

The Wipro logo is a bold and dynamic signature that proudly headlines the vision pursued itself. Its styling captures the sense of fluidity, resourcefulness, optimism, and creativity with which it approaches everything. The simplicity and elegance of the mark signal a keen intellect; one that is completely in synch with the world around itself – vibrant, aware and forward-looking. Building on the universal form of the circle, the radiating rings of dots around 'Wipro' suggest the many connections the brand creates for its customers.

9. Zee Cinema

The changing times often call for channels to rediscover themselves and refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design to revamp its brand undergoing a total visual transformation at the commencement of a new era in cinema.

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