Brewhouse: Created and Branded by Humans!

Brewhouse: Created and Branded by Humans!

In a category dominated by sugared beverages, the Brewhouse provides its customers with unique moments of consumption and product benefits by crafting real, organic, hand-brewed ice-tea. Their right to win comes from the fact that they provide their customers' unique moments of consumption created by real humans. Branding Identity by Bakheda.


Bakheda Co. was initially assigned to redesign the packaging labels which eventually turned into the development of a brand system that would express their mission of giving people a sense of holistic wellness through refreshing ice-tea - Brewed by humans.


As Bakheda Co. wrapped up work on the packaging labels, but overall inconsistency within the language with visuals of the brand became very obvious. That is when they pitched a rebranding to Brewhouse's leadership. Their strategy rightly rested on their proposition that with a brand like Brewhouse, the biggest challenge is to not sound like a brand, because they deal with organic ice tea brewed by humans, so it is vital to look and sound like a human.


It went without saying that the organic tag is a must for Brewhouse. The logo and wider graphic style for Brewhouse is a portal to what the brand embodies. Graphics language developed to mimic the taste of their ice tea - subtle, organic, and refreshing. It gives the brand an artisan feel - crafted, not engineered. The owy, handcrafted lettering echoes the organic and uplifting characteristics of the beverage.

As part of the new brand identity, developed an extensive colour palette from warm and refreshing, and neutral and con dent. This way, these colours relate as much to what the brand stands for as they do to their products. The somewhat realistic, yet styled approach speaks of the brands positioning as organic, natural, and pleasant.

Brewhouse ice tea packaged in - 350ml glass bottles and 300ml PET bottles. The use of silhouettes of these bottles as elements for secondary illustrations, creating meditative patterns that have a calming effect, just like tea.

"Anant is someone I can trust to come up with some solid solutions to any given design problem, that too most likely in good time. He is a brilliant designer who also brings a good sense of brand positioning and creating consumer appeal. He surprised us not only with the speed of the execution but also with his ability to listen and use the feedback constructively."

Siddharth Jain
Founder at Brewhouse Tea Brewing Co.

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