Best Photo Editing or Retouching Service for Your Upcoming Project

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Whether you are looking to outsource photo-editing service or require professional retouching experts to make your memorable moments perfect. The process of choosing a right service provider is rather cumbersome with the number of options available on the Internet.

However, with the large number of options, comes greater confusion in choosing the right service. Making the process of choosing the best photo editing service easier, here a list of three web portals that are a potential choice for profitable collaboration.

Fix The Photo

Are you looking for a service that is light on the pocket and offers myriad of Photoshop services? Then, ‘Fix The Photo’ might be the place for you.

Retouching Services

This US-based photo retouch service offers five photo retouching levels: Basic, Pro, High-end, Extra and Manipulation & Restoration; all for just $2 per photo.

On this site, a user has a gamut of genres available to choose from including Portrait, Wedding and Products. A mighty advantage is the ability to work fast with raw files after a quick & secure photo upload. The user can either choose individual photo styles or use other services like photo manipulation, digital restoration, and digital drawing or backdrop removal.


Also, in case the final result does not bring the expected satisfaction, they will review the order according to the discussed deadlines without any additional cost!

The web portal also helps the photographers hone their retouching skills with a variety of free and paid Lightroom presets. They also conduct special competitions for budding photo enthusiasts interested in modern photography art to earn the scholarship and improve their skills further.

Weedit Photos

With a broad classification of Wedding and Portrait photography, this web portal concentrates on the two genres to provide a niche and specialised service with quality. They offer several services such as culling, glamour retouching, high-end retouching, colour correction amongst others.

Retouching Services

With the main intention of making retouching in as minimal as possible time, they have fixed deadlines that they strictly adhere to. Every customer can coordinate directly with the Retoucher and can expect a professional result with the price range within $10.


Budding photo editing enthusiasts can also access their blog for informative Photoshop and photography tips.

Damaged Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is no ordinary feat. Snapping old/damaged photographs back to its original glory can be very expensive.

Retouching Services

Known as the only service in the USA to offer qualified photo repairing, this company specialises in professional restoration that includes enlarging, reconstruction, restoration from water damage, colourising, etc.

With a simple interface to place an order with all the requirements and remarks, the client gets to choose the level of restoration – Standard, Premium or Extreme. A common photo retouching such as colour correction may also be applied here.


Every service is manually done without using contemporary Photoshop actions with surprisingly short deadlines (1 hour to 2 working days for an Extreme level). The customers pay $50 per destroyed picture only after they are fully satisfied with the result.

The website’s blog is a great way to know the happenings of current photography sphere and is focused on the theme of image restoration.



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