Battling through Quarantine with Art and Music

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto
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Vibrant colours, dark themes and Metal would define the artist and drummer Aaron Pinto who shares the influence of art and music on his quarantine time.

Boop. Digital illustration contributed to “Design Fights COVID” which provide food and medical supplies to stray animals

How did you cope with quarantine and how has the situation affected your art and creativity? Have you been struck with any unexpected challenge?

Aaron. I have been coping well. My home doubles as a studio and therefore my workflow is uninterpreted and just as it was before the quarantine. I created some exciting pieces, as well. This process of creative isolation has made me take a step back and analyse and refocus. The only challenge I’ve faced is maintaining my energy level since I couldn’t properly exercise.

Tarot Parrot. An imaginative wordplay on Parrot and Tarot.

Have you participated or came up with any art challenge? How you spent your quarantine time?

Aaron. I’ve participated in ‘Design Fights COVID’, an initiative by Art and Found and I’ve also partnered with a few bands to create some COVID specific creatives. Apart from that, I’m working on my apparel line and a series. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Can you elaborate on your contributions to ‘Design Fights COVID’?

Aaron. Design Fights COVID partnered with a few NGOs which are helping smoothen various aspects of life. As I love animals, the NGO I partnered for is ‘World for All’. It is an organisation which provides medical aid and food to stray animals.

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto
Manifest. A comment on the superficiality of people and their pursuit of online validation.

This pandemic has proven that during a crisis, people turn to art for solace. Do you think this will leave a lasting impression in the field of art?

Aaron. Whether it has created a lasting impression can only be found out in retrospect, but in general, I think people will feel a little more connected with art. Art therapy is universal, and I believe that everyone does this intentionally or otherwise.

How has quarantine impacted your livelihood?

Aaron. I believe I’m one of the lucky few to be busy with a lot of commercial work this quarantine since jobs are scarce with many brands busy taking stock of the current situation.

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto
Day off. A surreal pop take on a creature of dark taking some time off.

How do you manage to differentiate workspace from your home? Has your productivity been affected due to this?

Aaron. I assign a time for each task I’ve set out for the day. That way, I’m able to be productive and not lose my mind by just working the whole day. I also have my drumkit at home and use it to break the monotony. This was my life before quarantine as well, so very little has changed.

What are some of the projects you wish to pursue as soon as this quarantine is over? What are the projects we can look forward to from you?

Aaron. The apparel line is my top priority. I’m actively pursuing mural since I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve also got some unreleased work in the pipeline with international bands, which will be released soon.

Squishy and Spongy. Merchandise developed for the single Squishy and Spongy by the band Primitiv.

What is the influence of music on your artworks?

Aaron. The music I listen to guides my artwork and helps me finish the piece. Conversely, I create a visual to help me produce music. Since music is always playing at home, I am continually inspired. I’m currently working on a series inspired by synthwave and metal music.

Vibrant colours and gothic themes seem to be your signature. When did you start incorporating Metal in your artwork? How did you develop/discover your style?

Aaron. If I define my work in a sentence, it would be – using bright colours for depressing themes. I’ve always had an affiliation for Metal, comics, cartoons and toys and these have a significant influence on my inking style and colours. Album art should define the aesthetics of a band, and I’m exposed to this from childhood. This, I believe, is the most significant factor for my style. Even though I’ve worked with various bands, I don’t think I’ve reached my signature style, yet.

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto

How is album art different from other types of illustrations? How do you develop an illustration for an album?

Aaron. Album art is music translated into visual form. It must represent the music, and the listener must witness the sync between the music and art. Before I commit to a band, I listen to their music, because I cannot work with a composition I don’t enjoy. I go through all the lyrics and immerse myself into their vibe. I then adapt to music and work with it. I always finish the linework first, since I believe that every artwork must look good in black and white first.

What is your advice to aspiring creative professionals?

Aaron. Find your style and own it, since there is a lot of art out there. If you are true to your voice, it will pay off in the end.

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto
Eviscerating India. Tour poster for the band Gutslit and Godless 2020 India tour.

Published in Issue 50

We all started this year anticipating many things, but nobody thought of life coming to a complete halt. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every human to re-evaluate their attitude towards nature and life. We also have been forced to lock down in our houses. Though we are no more in the lockdown, still many unfortunate ones continue to lose their lives and livelihoods. This isolation has given many of us the time we needed to finish our long pending tasks. Some have turned to art and craft for peace and solace. While most got relaxed and enjoyed their time with family, others used the focussed time to prepare themselves for the life post lockdown. On the other hand, creative freelancers found it helpful for them to focus and produce more as their work setup usually is within their homes. So, to understand how all the creatives have handled the lockdown, we reached many who have been creating and sharing inspirational artworks during this time. So order your copy if you are looking for inspirational COVID lockdown artworks and some advice on how to handle the current slowdown more creatively!


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