Pushkar Paul

Pushkar Paul

Pushkar Paul is a Communication Design-Graphic Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals Rebranding

Lupin Pharma, a major pharmaceutical firm, hadn’t updated its branding since inception, causing confusion with an agro-based company. The redesign aimed to modernise the brand image, incorporating current design trends while maintaining a link to the original lupin flower-inspired logo. The new identity portrays Lupin as a modern, customer-focused, caring, and technologically advanced pharmaceutical company, poised for global expansion with a focus on the US.

Craigslist Redesign

Craigslist, though not popular in India, is widely used for classified ads in the West. However, since its Dot Com era beginning, the website design has remained largely unchanged. Despite being functional, it lacks modern aesthetics. To address this, the redesign aimed to incorporate modern web features and improve its visual appeal. The result is a revamped craigslist that now functions as a contemporary website with the expected user comforts. 

Ficense - A Personal finance management app

In 2023, it’s crucial for young adults to manage and grow their personal finances effectively. Ficense addresses this by offering a personal finance management and financial education app. Users can check balances, set budgets, and explore investments for financial growth. The project began with creating a youth-oriented brand identity and expanded into a visually appealing app with custom icons, making it easy and visually pleasing for users to connect with their finances.

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