Manav Sachdev

Manav Sachdev

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An illustrator, designer and artist based in Gurgaon, India. Upon completing his graduation from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, Manav has worked in a plethora of companies in different areas of art such as video games, e-learning, animation, publication and is currently focused on branding. Manav started his very own multi- disciplinary brand design studio, Manav Sachdev Design Studio (MSDS), based in Gurgaon. This studio offers end to end brand design services and partnered with several established companies and brands such as Gokul Santol, Shahnaz Husain, Super Smelly, PapaCream Ice Creams among numerous others.

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Business, studios, agencies, freelancer all have different perspectives to handle the pandemic and hurdle it brings. While some find pandemic an obstacle which will soon fade away and on the other hand, few saw opportunities in the same. Many creatives used the past few months to reflect on their styles and horn their art. Many utilized it for collaboration opportunities with national and international creatives. This issue is a must-read if you are looking for insights, inspirations and ways to bounce back in this unlocking phase.
We tried to capture the time of chaos and confusion we all are in. How it inspires and influences creative thoughts. Starting with the cover design by Ankur Singh Patar, who captures the duality in the way we treat women. Followed by a conversation with Italian illustrator Giulio Iurissevich who explores beauty behind this chaos. And many more inspirational articles to explore.

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