Experience the Spiritual Gift of Mahabharata in VR

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The colourful Mahabharata written by Kamala Subramaniam inspired the Italian artist Giampaolo Tomassetti to create the illustrative version of it and Art-Ma is presenting the collection through Virtual Reality. This exhibition take you to a soulful indulgence and leaves feel inspired and mesmerised. It is a gift to world, much needed in today's chaotic and heavy times.

Before illustrating, Giampaolo visited India to have a better understanding of Indian Culture and Mythology. It also strengthened the bond with the practice of Bhakti Yoga and living a simple life. To understand the costumes, he also spent some time in the School of Drama. Tomassetti studied the Mahabharata minutely until he felt a connection to the feelings of the characters. All of this accumulated knowledge can see in his Mahabharata collection.

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