Psychedelic Space.
Psychedelic Space.

The Psychedelic Glow

Captured as a photograph then converted into an illustration, this beeeater bird was spotted in Pune, while on his migratory route. The unique posture of the bird is showcased beautifully with the technique of splash merging.

Experimenting with digital tools, Shivam Thapliyal has rendered some amazing artworks. But at the same time, he believes that hand done work can never be eradicated hence is working on his hand-skills to master the pen-paper technique.

Banking on the magic that neon and black create, his canvases are loaded with the fluid movement of psychedelic lines and curves. Using black as his trademark, he guides his viewers to focus on glowing elements of his artwork. Observation and experimentation lead to intricately detailed space elements that merge into Shivam’s works of art. With his pressure sensitive Wacom tablet and his canvases where black marries the colour, Shivam hopes to continue wowing his viewers with new surprising artworks.

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