Illustration Tutorial: Uncover the Layers to the Perfect Artwork

Illustration Tutorial: Uncover the Layers to the Perfect Artwork

Advertising is an interesting profession and those who work within it know of the everyday humps and bumps, the charm and harm that one has to deal with. As an Illustrator, when the brief is, as usual, a one liner and non-directional; in this case 'create an illustration on advertising', the job can be pretty tough. Many images and situations come to mind, and after you've decided which one you'd like (and the client would too), that's when the real work begins. Illustrator, Nithin Rao Kumblekar, takes us through the key steps (illustration tutorial) to arrive at the cover illustration done for this issue's cover.

Step 01

Always start the illustration with a rough scribble. This helps to get the idea on paper faster. While you do that, it's advisable to check if it's working in the layout or not. After that's finalised, make a fine line drawing by putting all detailing in place. After that comes the lighting. Give a monochromatic tone on the entire sketch and decide the light source and the reflection. This gives a fair idea about the final look.

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