Digital Art is not What you See, but What Others See!

Digital Art is not What you See, but What Others See!

Lijin PM an artist and designer from Kerala, having dabbled in many different forms of art, shares his journey.

A colourful and artistic childhood inspired Lijin Pm to pursue a Fine Arts education. He was eager to learn everything he could about different mediums and tried his hand at most of them, including acrylic, poster colour, clay modelling, canvas drawing, charcoal art, and so on.

This cascade of events led him to discover the new possibilities of the digital art, and illustrator, Procreate, and Photoshop became his world.

A blank canvas provides him with a platform or space to express his emotions, imagination, and thoughts. He expresses himself in his own distinct style and hues on any subject he chooses. Nature, humans, their lives, culture, emotions, and everything around him inspire him to express himself through his art.

A devoted moviegoer, the ideas conveyed in some films have become his favourites and have inspired much of his artwork. Sometimes his own ideas about a subject are influenced and shaped in the process, resulting in a new piece of illustration.

Art, whether digital art or through a traditional medium, is supposed to make the viewer feel something, but Lijin believes that a viewer’s feelings cannot be the same as an artist’s. He can’t get the audience to react the same way he does. Though he uses captions and titles to convey his ideas and thoughts about the illustration, the interpretations of his viewers are always surprising and exciting to him.

Lijin discusses how digital art can do wonders with an incredible number of artists all around us and truly vibrant audiences who enjoy and understand the ideas behind the artworks. He believes that if a person has a genuine interest in art, he or she should pursue this career without hesitation. The world will never have too many artists.

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