Spiritual Artistry

Spiritual Artistry

Step into the vibrant realm of creative artistry mixed with spiritual healing, where artist Shounak Tewarie reigns as a master of versatility.

Selling an experience, transcending boundaries and leaving a lasting impact through his creative endeavours, mixed with some humility and spirituality. That is Shounak Tewarie is a nutshell. With an impressive portfolio boasting collaborations with renowned names in both the entertainment industry and the corporate world, he stresses the significance of self-belief and unwavering confidence, urging artists to persevere and never accept defeat easily. 

Rise and Shine, the beauty of nature
Rise and Shine, the beauty of natureSoftware: Photoshop and AI
Shine Bright like a Diamond
Shine Bright like a DiamondSoftware: Photoshop and AI

The Key to Success

In his world, it’s the work that speaks volumes, and he encourages all artists to be fearless and daring in their pursuits. Drawing from personal experiences, Shounak reveals his early struggles in convincing potential clients to choose him over established designers. His secret? A bold display of creativity by presenting stunning concepts tailored for clients. Despite his achievements, Shounak remains humble and grateful. He emphasises the dedication poured into designing every little collateral, aiming to craft unforgettable experiences for the clients and audiences

Radha Krishna’s Fairytale
Radha Krishna’s FairytaleSoftware: Photoshop and AI
Infinity Love by Radha Krishna 2
Infinity Love by Radha Krishna 2Software: Photoshop and AI
Infinity Love by Radha Krishna
Infinity Love by Radha KrishnaSoftware: Photoshop and AI

A Spiritual Re-Awakening

In the world of art, Shounak draws deep inspiration from mythical and religious figures, a connection rooted in his family’s spiritual heritage. Growing up, he was intimately involved in various pujas alongside his well-known and respected Panditji grandfather. However, it wasn’t until he reached the age of 35 that a profound personal connection with spirituality truly blossomed.

Desi Nike Air Max Gold Blue Neon
Desi Nike Air Max Gold Blue NeonSoftware: Photoshop and AI

Finding Solace in Art

One pivotal moment that marked a shift towards more spiritual creations was in 2013, following the passing of his mother. The artwork, “A Broken Shivji,” emerged from a place of anger, disappointment, and intense sorrow. Feeling that his faith had been shattered, he grappled with the notion of Shivji’s perceived abandonment. To his surprise, this raw expression resonated globally, leaving a profound impact. The art touched the hearts of many, from Abhishek Bachchan sharing it during Shiv Ratri to numerous schools in India replicating it within their premises, a testament to the power of his spiritual expression.

Broken Shivaji
Broken ShivajiSoftware: Photoshop and AI
The Beauty of Knowledge & Music
The Beauty of Knowledge & MusicSoftware: Photoshop and AI

For the New Generation

Amidst his journey of spiritual exploration, a recent and exciting addition to his achievements is the creation of Dharma Games. He noticed a growing disconnection, especially among the new generation in Europe, from Hinduism. This led him to wonder why there wasn’t an engaging way for kids to learn the basics of Hinduism. Thus, the brilliant concept of Dharma Games was born, fostering playful learning about this rich cultural heritage.

NeelkanthSoftware: Photoshop and AI
Rani Lioness
Rani LionessSoftware: Photoshop and AI

Embracing the Art World's Evolution as a Creative Entrepreneur

Shounak, with a blend of humbleness, confidence, passion, and motivation, draws insightful distinctions among artists, designers, and creative entrepreneurs. His heart now, as a creative entrepreneur lies with Home & Living. Having his art become a part of people’s private spaces feels like the most incredible honour and ultimate compliment he could receive.

Infinity Love by Radha Krishna 1
Infinity Love by Radha Krishna 1Software: Photoshop and AI

He encourages fellow artists to embrace the ever-evolving art world driven by technological advances. Recognising that technology can elevate good artists to new heights, he dismisses the notion that it can replace genuine talent. With a friendly nod to the question of “to AI or not to AI,” he highlights the importance of continuous growth and harnessing technology as a tool to amplify artistic prowess.

Ganesha in Renaissance
Ganesha in RenaissanceSoftware: Photoshop and AI
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