AI Art: Its Many Possibilities and Advantages

AI Art: Its Many Possibilities and Advantages

Prabhu B, in his interview, takes us through the various aspects of 3D environment design, exploring the use of AI art alongside. He showcases his process and highlights learnings from various experiences he's undergone in the field.

Prabhu B has largely been a self-taught artist with an innate talent apart from perseverance to pursue art despite personal challenges. He largely works on designing 3D environments, having done the same for films, AAA games and various other projects. A freelancer by choice.


Please share with us what your creative journey has been like in terms of related education, influences, significant projects and achievements.

Prabhu: I'm a natural and self-taught artist from Chennai, drawing everything I set my eyes upon. Most of my study books' last pages are filled with fun illustration work. I did BSc graduation from Jaya college because my family situation was different from my passion and, thus, got placed in IT. As a developer, I was not satisfied with my career and decided to switch my profession.

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