A Creative Soul since Childhood

An avid art lover and creator, Ajay Rana is thankful for his family’s support and his skills that enable him to follow his passion for creativity and art.

Turning the pandemic struggles into opportunities, he focused all his energy on improving and honing his skills. Collaborating with like-minded artists, and animators he created new artwork, and animated song videos during the pandemic.

An optimistic artist, Ajay has created gaming artwork that he is ready to share with his viewers. His illustrations depict quirky characters and cartoons with colour pops and varied combinations. He has also worked for Snapchat lenses and vector portraits and created a “gangster series” and extremely quirky and funny monsters. Perseverance and hard work are Ajay’s principles and his illustrations are a reflection of that.


A monster illustration.

Mr. Maarlo

Ajay’s version of a naughty, crazy and funny monster as seen in animated movies!

’The Gangsters’

A magazine cover style illustration of gangsters

Creative Gaga