Reimagining the brand identity for Trilegal!

Reimagining the brand identity for Trilegal!

Trilegal, a law firm through the expression of Indian craft forms. Known to be one of India’s leading law firms, Trilegal’s project brief for the interiors of their new office space called for creating a distinct brand identity—representative of their nationwide presence and embodying their future-forward vision.

Client: Trilegal

Services: Interior Design

Key Requirement

The office interiors must:

  • 1. Incorporate Indian art and craft.

  • 2. Contemporary designs with roots in tradition.

  • 3. Be a hybrid space, bringing together personal office

  • spaces with collaborative areas.

  • 4. Reflect Trilegal’s future forward vision.

The Problem

Designing the office of the future entails creating a safe and resilient work environment. The challenge was to create an office space that speaks of the company’s vision, bring the old and new together in a beautiful amalgamation. A balanced expression that unites the law firm's roots in Indian culture with the egalitarian spirit and aspirations of its new-age workforce


The contemporary workplace is in a continual state of flux. Workplaces today are not just physical spaces but also a means to reinforce the company culture through their planning and design vocabulary. It is prudent for any workplace to instill a sense of belonging and well-being, promote innovation, and cross disciplinary exchange of ideas.

The corporate offices for Trilegal are designed to bring these ideas to life through strategic planning, a timeless material palette, and the superimposition of contemporary expressions of traditional craft forms.

The Approach

Studio Lotus created an office for Trilegal that celebrates and promotes artisanal skill sets through ‘Contemporising Craft’, demonstrating how art and design can find meaningful ways to engage crafts persons and offer them an opportunity to thrive.

The honeycomb-inspired geometric office layout creates a hybrid between an open office and a cubicle, enabling focussed work as well as meaningful interaction between coworkers. Through its design and use of vivid storytelling, the Trilegal office acquires an identity of its own: a balanced expression that unites the law firm's roots in Indian culture with the egalitarian spirit and aspirations of its new-age workforce. Craft expressions are incorporated in the design vocabulary to create a unique yet compelling brand identity

The Design

The design of the office seeks to demonstrate how a narrative of Indian crafts can create a memorable workplace experience. Arts and crafts traditions from all over India are brought together for the interiors in collaboration with artisans to create distinct spatial identities.

Sanjhi, a paper cutting art is reinterpreted to showcase Delhi’s architectural landmarks and biodiversity. The corridor features spun mild steel dome lamps embellished with papiermâché-style hand paintings by Kashmiri artist Hakim Gulam Mohammad. The boardroom employs a wall-hung metal installation, featuring Chhattisgarh’s famous Bastarir on craft.

Depicting the cultural practices, musical instruments, and the fauna of the region, three metal panels handcrafted by award-winning artist Tiju Ram Vishwakarma complement the blue cement board walls, creating a textured canvas for the craft to stand out. Rich details, embedded mystery, and humour of the Gond tribal art from Central India have been skillfully captured by artisans on the wall of meeting room.

The workstations are arranged in a segmented honeycomb formation. Designed and engineered in collaboration with MKraft, these hexagonal workstations enable privacy while ensuring easy collaboration. In tune are the large composite panels installed to create a system of floating ceilings, helping ascribe individual identities for every workstation and improving their acoustic performance.

Wooden flooring in the reception and the Town Hall lends the space a sense of warmth. Workspaces and meeting rooms are laid with forest green and grey carpets respectively, to enable easy movement and better acoustic performance.

True to their age-old storytelling traditions, the strategically placed craft elements and spacious design give the office a unique personality. The designs speaks to a space that wants to tell its story

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