Mumbai Home "Asmalay" Blurs Lines Between Architecture and Nature!

Mumbai Home "Asmalay" Blurs Lines Between Architecture and Nature!

A Unique Forest Home in Mumbai Blends Architecture and Nature.

An Indian architecture studio called Blurring Boundaries has designed a unique home that integrates organic forms and natural materials. The house, named Asmalay, is located in a forest near Mumbai, specifically in Alibag and features a curvaceous design that wraps around five existing mango trees on the site.

The studio wanted to showcase the connection between architecture and nature by prioritising a seamless flow and letting the roof's form define the structure's massing. The undulating form creates an open-plan volume that contains a series of interconnected spaces joined together by curving walls.

The studio used natural and recycled materials, including locally sourced bricks, glass bottles, and stone, to connect the interior to the surrounding nature.

The home features a living and dining space topped with a blue ceiling that was designed to draw the eye to the roof's dynamic form. Large oval-shaped windows brighten the space, while grey benches that run around the edges of the room offer areas for relaxation.

"The studio stated that the recycled glass bottle wall on the ground floor creates a playful infusion of daylight, which results in an interplay of light and shadow that enhances the earthy colour palette."

Moving past the circulation space, the studio added a bedroom and bathroom to create a more private area, separated from the living space. The bathroom features white brick walls and yellow furnishings, while the bedroom has a round floor plan and a yellow floor. On the upper floor, additional private spaces are spread across, which open onto a curving balcony that wraps around a portion of the building.

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