How do you Make a Trailer For a Video Game?

The animation studio, Bandiguapo, worked on the game trailer and brought together a bizarrely fascinating concept.

Brief/ Challenge:

Monster full Games required a cinematic trailer for their game, Fatty Diver.

The game provides two options to play from, 'Fatty' and 'Donald'. Hence, the game would have two trailers with each of the protagonists. The trailers needed to aptly capture this bizarre premise in a fun and enthralling way.


This was the first attempt at working for video games, for the Bandiguapo Studio. They were very excited to explore and understand the world of video games. This excitement can be distinctly seen in the final trailer. The textures, colours and lighting, all come together to emulate a very real poolside-relaxed-sunny-day mood. The rigging too encapsulates the fluid movement and feel of the game. The attention to detail cannot be missed, whether it is the carefree hopping on the diving board, or the wide eyed expression for the falling burger, it all surely makes for an enticing trailer.

The 'Making Off' video illustrates the painstaking research and exploration the studio went through to arrive at this trailer. It also provides an insightful peek for beginners to understand what it takes to make a video like this.


Jarett Smith

Martin Cochinan
Ruben F Stremiz

Ruben F Stremiz

Art Direction
Ruben F Stremiz
Ganz Toll

Enviroment Design
Ganz Toll

Ruben F Stremiz

Shading / Textures
Ruben F Stremiz

Lighting / Rendering
Ruben F Stremiz

Maximo Ponz
Ruben F Stremiz

Edition / Postproduction
Ruben F Stremiz

Audio / Folley
Ruben F Stremiz

Surf Medley / Junior_Brown

Monsterfull Games

Creative Gaga