GYAAN: Learn from your past mistakes

GYAAN: Learn from your past mistakes

Mistakes are not really as evil as it sounds, on the contrary in most cases it helps you to evolve as a better person. We can learn a lot from our own mistakes. Also, for any artist, it can be a great exercise to revisit the old artwork just to see how much you have improved. To do the same, concept artist Shyam Deshpande re-illustrate his old illustration with new learnings. Here, he shares his process and all the learnings from his mistakes.

Step 1.

This is one of old work painted back in 2013 and I was pretty happy about it then, but after some time, it doesn't look as great as I thought it initially. Actually, I feel the same for most of my artworks which I believe is a good thing in a way as it portrays your continuous evolvement as an artist.

Step 2.

Since I wasn't too happy with this 3 years old artwork, I started working on it again. The basic idea was to show a fearless lady who's a Mercenary goes with a 'cute' but fearless pet. So, in this revisiting exercise, I decided to design a tribal character, inspired from the Nigerian tribes reference which I found while looking for references for Hyena. I used few different elements from references with incorporate some of my own ideas.

Step 3.

After finalising on the characters and design elements I tried to work on the final lines. I believe, it's good to fix most of the issues in the drawing stage.

Step 4.

Even if you add lots of details in the drawing and great rendering with a nice colour scheme in the first silhouette, it will still be a waste of time. As there will be no attitude in it, it will be boring and stiff. But on the other hand the second silhouette, clearly shows a particular attitude, the confidence in the stance comes due to the distance between the legs, the dynamic line of action which adds to the drama. So it's always good to check the silhouette and correct it before going for the detailing.

Step 5.

Before adding colours, worked in grayscale as it's very important to get the values and tones right. Skipping this may confuse you in hue & saturation and you may also miss the correct values. Also, it's easier to paint once you have the values place in advance. You just need to add one more layer on top of the grayscale in colour blending mode and start painting.

Step 6.

The final Image after all the colours with raw brush feel as I wanted to highlight her raw nature & the aggressive attitude.

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