Animation – The Future and Role in Education

Animation is for everyone! Dhimant Vyas, the veteran artist and animation film designer, throws light on the future of animation and the role it plays in education.

Animation is a versatile medium that caters to a wide range of audiences. But with this versatility comes the grave responsibility of creating relevant content. The right content will not only increase the popularity of animation but also have a healthy impact on children.

Challenges of Making for all Ages

The animation is for all ages! It is a powerful and universal communication medium. The beauty of animation is that it can tell a story even without the need for dialogues. Some good examples are Tom & Jerry, Shaun the Sheep and Minuscule. Charging a below-par rate is going to hurt you, over time. Talk to your peers and know the general rates. Sources like ArtPact, Glassdoor, etc. help find out the hourly and per piece rates for illustrations and such.

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