An Effective Guide to Developing a Versatile Style!

Artwork by Ajith Ppaan
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Kerala-based illustrator, Ajith Ppaan, speaks elaborately on how one can develop one’s style to be versatile by consciously practicing it in one’s craft.

Ajith Ppaan
Display Punch

Ajith’s Journey in his own words.

I graduated in Fine Arts from the Raja Ravi Varma, college of Visual Arts, Alleppey, in 2016. After that, in 2017 I joined Reliance Education as a 2D tutor, which was a good time for me in terms of skill development. After a year, in 2018 I joined a creative agency called “Stick No Bills,“ a branding firm.

Man with Telephone created on Procreate
Ajith Ppaan

There, I did a number of projects related to kid’s clothing brands in particular. Two years later, I relocated to another branding start-up called “Pixpill” as Creative Director, where I worked on some interesting projects, mostly illustration-based. In 2022, however, I decided on trying out freelancing and now I’m a full-time freelance illustrator.

Ajith Ppaan

Honing his approach consciously, Ajith has been practicing diversity in his subjects and the way he projects and portrays them, so as to build and bring about a strong sense of versatility in his very style itself.

The Monkey King

“Adapting and compositing will eventually create skill-sets which can be versatile in terms of style,” he says.

Ajith Ppaan
It seemed so perfect, but ended
Ajith Ppaan
Illustration for Paramaathma

Album and Magazine Art

Ajith considers himself fortunate to have worked with some of the most talented musicians on their album art. Elaborating on them, he points out:

CNR Mafia (UAE-based band):

The idea was to make an illustration with complexity and style which reflects the vibrancy of the band and its genre itself.

Illustration for CNR Mafia

Maarap-Matadoria (Kerala based band):

Here, the genre was so energetic and vibrant that I decided to create a motion through the illustration and its gradients. It eventually impressed the crew and we proceeded with the style.

Album Cover - Matadoria

In the Dark:

Vishnu Varma (an independent artist from Kerala) had an idea, the illustration topic was a man’s midnight dream projecting an emotional connection between him and an unknown girlfriend. I decided to show the singer’s portrait to represent the dreamer and compose the dream through multiple slices of his head, thereby depicting the pain in the lyrics.

Ajith Ppaan
Album Cover - In the Dark
Lines in Head

Ajith and 3D

Ask him about his 3D ventures and he says, “I’m a newcomer in the 3D style actually. I love to explore new and versatile media applications to develop my skills. I’m working on my 3D types on an application called, “Nomad Sculpt “ which is a small build software like Blender or Maya.”

Ajith Ppaan
A poison Picked
Ajith Ppaan
Antakshari poster Vol-2
Catching the Sunrise

Ajith’s Love for Portraits.

Ajith has been trying to create portraits with emotional reflections. By compositing elements from personal life, the whole work can convey the story, he feels. Elaborating on this, he says, “I have loved to draw portraits since my college time. I used to live-study people from college as a part of my studies. From there I’ve met and spent time with so many talented artists. I got to know more about the process of doing a portrait through immense observation. ‘Day-to-day practice and respectable time investment in research’ is Ajith’s mantra to success.

Ajith Ppaan
Portrait - Kohinoor
Portrait of Dev Patel

You can learn more about Ajith Ppaan and his works on Behance and follow him along on Instagram too.

Album Cover

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Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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