7 Keys to Turn Your Product into a Memorable Experience

Product Design
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Product design has evolved from simply taking into consideration the physical dimension and form. It’s now all about using technology and design to give it an intangible appeal that converts into a memorable experience for the user. Studio ABD has mastered this through their designs and here they give us some tips that can enhance this very experience.

Product Design
Wet grinder for the Indian market

Tip #1: Experience Wins Over the Physical Form

In today’s world, what sets similar things apart is the experience it promises and gives to its end user. It’s mesmerising to see how a lamp of one type can be preferred over another simply because of the way it is designed. Hence, product designers all over the globe are focusing on taking the extra step to incorporate solutions in simple and every day things to bring about a sense of wonder when it is being used. As technology and the internet merge, so is the tangible and intangible world. Thoughtful details, user empathy, appropriate application of technology and good execution is key to good design.

Product Design
Titan Nebula Palace Collection - For Rambagh Queen
Product Design
BPL - Studylite- LED lamp design for kids

Tip #2: Bring Back Culture of Aesthetics in Your Designs.

Good design creates culture of aesthetics that can inspire everyday life by sharing the joy of creativity with society.

Product Design
Pure It water purifier

Tip #3: Awesome is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Beneath Which Lies Great Effort and Engineering.

With solid design, intelligent use of material and process knowledge and quick prototyping, comes innovative, cost sensitive and manufacturing friendly engineering solutions while enhancing designs to the very core.

Money Plant - Indian dream of growing money on tree
Product Design

Tip #4: Love the Unknown.

Follow this tip like a religion to make your design journey exciting and refreshing. The trick is to remain positive and optimistic in any given situation and never give up. Always say ‘let’s explore’; make that your mantra.

Valli - celebrating spade used in construction

Tip #5: Respect Natural Resources.

It’s not just designers but people as well these days that are turning to respect recycling and the use of renewable sources and materials. Design has also tapped into this great way of life. Use materials carefully and wisely. Ensure material you use in your designs come from natural sources and that they belong to everybody.

Mum’s Care - expressive baby cereal packaging
Paper Boat - Gift box made of reusable tin

Tip #6: Treat Your Products Like Stories.

It’s key to not treat your product designs like objects. The idea is to tell stories through them; stories of people’s lives, their culture, beliefs, dreams, past and future.

Product Design
Bat installation celebrating Sachin Tendulkar
Bat installation celebrating Sachin Tendulkar

Tip #7: Motivate Yourself With Indian Inspirations.

The whole world looks at India for inspiration, be it Yoga, Ayurveda, our culture or traditions. As designers, it works to include Indian characters in designs to make them appeal to a wider audience.

Product Design

Published in Issue 27

This issue explores one of the widely discussed product design and automobile #design which is very close to our heart. We spoke to few leading names to find out the future of product design and understand the Indian designer sensibilities and practices. Everyone believe that it’s not just functionality but also the visual appeal of the product which plays a crucial in the success of a product. This issue is a bundle of inspirations and insights from the well know product and automobile designers. A must read which you will enjoy for sure.


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