5 Unique Motion Designs of Product Branding

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Branding is no longer limited to two dimesional visuals and graphics, with the evolution of technology, the way of story-telling has gradually transcended into motion. Motion graphics enables experimentation and allows the narrative to be much more immersive. Here’s a list of some unique designs of product branding where motion graphics played a major role in conveying the functionalities effectively.

1. Mi MIX 2

As a commercial branding for Mi MIX 2 mobile phone, this design showcases the emergence of the new phone in a monochromatic background and effectively showcases all the distinctive features of the phone. With a bright band of colours as the wallpaper, the design reflects the full screen display with stylish round corners. It also throws light on the 4-axis OIS feature and is seen to create a ripple at the end.

2. Samsung Gear Sport

The launch film of Samsung’s Gear Sport opens with an upbeat music playing in the background and showcases the details of the smartwatch by intermingling motion graphics to reveal its functionalities. The watch in itself reveals the varied features as seen on the display and the commercial effectively communicates the purpose of the watch and how it can be utilised on a daily basis. Simplistic motion design interposed in the narrative brings continuity even when displaying diverse functions.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

This monochromatic visual with hues of black, white and grey unveils the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The design shows the new Note rising in the outer space and uses geometric clusters to mark certain elements in the design. The various components in the design juxtapose with one another and project the futuristic aspect of the product and end with the phones placed parallel in a pattern to form the number ‘4’.

4. Logitech G433

With an intention to bridge the gap between the product and the user experience, the visual is an emotive portrayal of a gamers’ encounter with the usage of the G433 headset specially designed to enhance the gaming experience. It deftly penetrates into the intricacies of sound, feeling and form.

5. Nike AirMax 2017

Exploring the air and the negative space that a shoe occupies, this metaphorical visual portrays the comfort and light support that Nike AirMax lends. The depiction of the shoe is created using soft or light materials to depict the day-to-day scenarios encountered while running to make it more impactful.

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