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Watercolour Artist to Follow on Instagram
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Art has no genre, religion or language. It makes you feel the beauty of freedom. It is a free expression of the human mind, senses, ideas and feelings. Here are works of some prominent watercolour master artists whose work is nationally/ internationally acclaimed and appreciated.

1. Amit Kapoor

Born at New Delhi in 1975, Amit is a leading master of a watercolour medium in India. He has been recognised with top international honours for his paintings. For him, art is just like Meditation. His subjects include a lot of compositional works like streets, kitchens, platforms and metropolitan cities where the lovely play of light and shadow and perspectives are the main traits. He has also travelled a lot in the hilly areas of India and has done various series capturing them in their true essence.


Amit is a guest lecturer in many prestigious Art colleges like College of Art, Delhi, Apeejay Institute of Design, Jamia Millia Islamia and Meerabai Polytechnic. He is the Director and Principal of Anitoons The School of Art & Animation.

2. Bijay Biswaal

A self-taught artist, born at Pallahara in the Angul district of the Indian state of Odisha, and worked as a Chief Ticket Inspector at Indian Railways. He took premature retirement to continue his passion for paintings.


He uses different mediums to express his feelings; Oil Pastel, Acrylic, Pencil & Ball Pen sketches and Caricature. But he prefers watercolour the most. His artworks are mostly influenced by the beauty of Indian culture, dances and mythological stories.


He captures the stories of costumes, gestures, posture and scenes in everyday life in his watercolour sketches and drawings.

3. Dhritikana Nath

Dhritikana is an artist, instructor, teacher and content creator from Delhi (India). From the time she started painting landscape was the subject that she loved. Among Painting lights with vibrant colours is her favourite. Overtime she is smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything present in Nature.

Apart from watercolour, she explores different mediums like gouache, markers, soft pastels. She started her journey in 2018 and she finds it calming, meditative and focuses on improving. She enjoys conducting workshops with fellow art enthusiasts.

4. Kangkan Das

Kangkan had an interest in paintings from a very early age which was often manifested in various big and small creative outputs.


The time when he started realizing his inclination towards fine arts was a time when the environment and situation around him were not at all conducive towards the development of art and that too, in a small town of Tinsukia.


Although he works fluently with many different media, his favourite medium is watercolour. He feels that doing watercolour is just like shooting an arrow which once shot can’t be retrieved back which suits his temperament.

5. Kannan Chithralaya

A Thrissur-based, self-taught artist, Kannan has been painting with watercolours since the age of fourteen. After studying till Class X, he had to stop studies due to financial problems but he didn’t give up. He started making hoardings and flex boards.


Luckily, renowned artist, Asif Ali Komu saw his work and invited him to do an exhibition of his paintings. Since then he has not looked back and has carved a niche for himself in the world of art. Kannan’s watercolour paintings explore different themes. The colours he uses to give the paintings a more natural look.

6. Nanasaheb Yeole

Nanasaheb Yeole is a highly awarded and talented artist who works in all medium of art but watercolour is his favourite. He paints nature, landscapes and city scenes. The vibrant use of light and shades in his paintings make them lifelike.

7. Prakash Thombre

Sketch Artist, Prakash Thombre, describes himself as a simple, clear, honest and to the point Design entrepreneur and artist. During free time he cruises around the country on a motorcycle, travelling to remote areas, cities and urban jungles; sketching and photographing life in all it’s facets and forms. Keen on observation, his sketches are rather those of everyday people. Primarily a User Experience Design professional, his 25-year career spans, an array of media & industries, blending UX design, Visual design, Branding and technology to create compelling user experience across media and form factors.

More about Prakash Thombre here

8. Prafull Sawant

Praful is a 1979 born Indian artist who loves to paint and draw figurative artworks. Watercolour is one of his favourite colouring media.


Prafull has taken a keen interest in drawing from a young age. He has a unique style of painting as can be seen from his Kavi Pradeep and Subhash Chander Bose. He comes from an illustrious family of artists. His elder brother and father are both highly acclaimed artists. He learned the art from them and J J School of Art in Mumbai. He has exhibited extensively across India and his paintings have found their way across the globe. He has won many outstanding awards as an artist in India.

9. Raghunath Sahoo

Bhubaneshwar, India, based Raghunath Sahoo is an alumni from B.K Art college Bhubaneswar. He is a down to earth person and understands the woes and wishes of the common man. He paints mostly real-life scenes, people, children and still life. His use of light and shade is his forte.


As a young child, Raghunath often spent hours drawing in colouring books. Over the years, he has focused more on his own art and made paintings that almost come alive. It has been close to twenty years since Raghunath made his transition into a freelance artist and has very prolifically created thousands of art-pieces since then.

10. Rajkumar Sthabathy

A Pondicherry-based artist. Born in 1975, he has done Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting from the Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.


Rajkumar works solely with watercolours and considers watercolours his language of expression, voice and signature. He paints everyday subjects like rickshaw wallahs and balloon sellers, families, fruit vendors and children. His truly life-like paintings and particular use of colours and tone produce a unique effect on the viewers.

More about Rajkumar Sthabathy here

11. Samir Mondal

Renowned and awarded watercolourist Samir Mondal was born in Balti, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal. Mondal graduated in fine arts from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 1975 and went to Germany for higher studies.


After a brief stay in Bangalore, Mondal settled in Mumbai. He illustrated political cartoons in watercolour for Illustrated Weekly of India. Over the past four decades, he has exhibited in India and abroad. He painted two watercolour paintings depicting characters “Ishaan” and “Nikumbh” for Hindi the film, Taare Zameen Par.

12. Sikander Singh

Hailing from Chandigarh, Sikander Singh was interested in Colours, Drawings, Paintings, Photography since early childhood. By and by as time passed his favourite hobby of painting turned into a profession which he loves and adores.


Around 15 years back he took up painting with passion and worked hard to fulfil what he considers his duty towards people to provide the best possible paintings. He has made several water-based, oil-based and acrylic paintings. He endeavours to capture the essence of a character through portraiture and to bring forth the nuances of the colours of nature in landscapes.

13. Uday Bhan

Uday is a self-taught artist whose portraits and figurative watercolour paintings have earned international recognition. His work has been exhibited and collected internationally and has received awards in many international shows. A resident of Kanpur (U.P.), India Uday garners much of his inspiration from old people, children, and nature. Although Uday has an unequalled passion for watercolour, his creative energy has not been limited to paper. Uday is one of today’s most versatile and visible watercolourists. Whether his subject is landscape, cityscape, portrait, still life, figurative Uday captivates his audience with genuine emotion, intensity and finesse that energize each of his creations.

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