When Animation Narrates History!

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History can be revived best through new means. Saumin Patel displays how the legend can be retold and re-lived through a fresh perspective in the form of animation. This high-quality animation with Indian styles, also discusses and highlight few events of the history which were not possible to include in the film.

Presentation Impacts Storytelling.

Any story is a series of moments and action-reaction; it’s a series of emotional waves. If paid attention to and done appropriately, a representation can strongly elevate a story to the next level by adding rhythm to its narration. This was such an opportunity to create a superhero out of Bajirao, using a hyper-stylised yet highly Indian take.

An Apt Portrayal Amplifies Emotions.

Once the core intentions were identified, elements like costumes, compositions and colours were used to unfold the story as an emotional rollercoaster to the audience. Understanding the requirement of a scene helped compose and showcase images that synchronised with that particular moment.

An Authentic Interpretation Produces A Holistic Effect.

The overall effort created a unique version of the film’s visual spectacle, containing aspects the film didn’t discuss. It is a compact piece of communication with a very specific purpose, while keeping the videos engaging in terms of art, music and overall production quality.

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