Visa Unveils a Fresh Look for their Logo!

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One of the most distinguished finance giants, Visa recently collaborated with branding consultancy Mucho to come up with a new brandmark and brand symbol.

Visa Unveils a Fresh Look for their Logo!

In an attempt to be seen as ‘more than just a credit card company’, Visa refreshed its iconic vibrant blue and yellow logo with the instantly recognisable bold Myriad font. Although the new look still focuses on their blue and yellow colour scheme, the colour palette has been updated slightly, with the new brandmark now in a new typeface and the shade of blue clearly brighter than the previous one.

At the first glance, it may not look like a lot has been changed because the old logo is not obviously different from the new one but it has some slight adjustments that make it special. Visa has created a cohesive set of illustrations, graphics, motions and even a new colour palette to help convey its message. The new logo has been altered to resemble an equals sign, to signify a new company belief that “economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere”. And the tricolour brand symbol is said to represent Visa’s three purposes: access, equality and inclusion.

Despite the changes being subtle, they successfully represent Visa with a fresh look.

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