The Trendy Tales of Typefaces!

The Trendy Tales of Typefaces!
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Taking a good look at the new and emerging typefaces that have made their way into the design scene across the world, we follow the fresh ones that have carved a niche for themselves and even the classic ones that are here to stay. The world of type is, indeed, an interesting one today as it continues to grow further.

The power of words cannot be undermined. Especially in these modern times when it is not just about what is said but also how it is said. And that is what leads us to take a peek at the current trends in typography where so much has evolved over the years.

3D Typefaces

3D modelling has quite effectively found its place in the design arena of today through various forms and applications. With many diverse means of executing it, the style has been widely adopted by various designers and the freshness of this medium to innovate is what has ensured it stays in vogue.

Designed by JeanPierre Le Roux

Designed by PICTOGLAZE .

Designed by JeanPierre Le Roux

Serif Fonts

The classic appeal of Serif typefaces has kept itself alive, not fading away under the oncoming of other trending fonts that have come into the picture during the recent few years. The grace and ease with which this type flows are what has kept its exuberance alive. Truly ‘beautiful and timeless’.

Bold Typography

Bold typography has been here through the ages and is here to stay. Bold is, indeed, beautiful. It has the capacity to garner the attention of its audience and even engage it in the process. Who said bold is too loud? Not in 2018, at least.

Designed by Rudmer van Hulzen

Designed by Justin Poulter

Custom Fonts

The ‘Custom’ way has found a place for itself across all areas, forms and modes of design. Freedom and the ability these fonts provides are hard to mimic even as it is applied to suit different contexts. Such versatility is difficult to achieve otherwise, which is why the custom font is so in trend.

Designed by Lorena G

Geometric Type

Geometry is the keystone of all things design and functional. The Geometric Type, in the very same context, is unlikely to get outdated even in the modern times of 2018. One that cannot be ignored or sidelined, expect to see it executed on more than just one occasion.

Designed by Lumiko

Experimental Typography

There is space for experiments in every sphere, isn’t there? So in the case of type, experimental typography has emerged as the new thing of today. It runs without rule and produces some stunning results in effect. The new winner on the block, this one.

Designed by Krzysztof Iwanski

Designed by Josh Schaub

Typography With Real-Life Elements

No matter how great the virtual gets, it shall never overcome the real. That is why the effects of reality have made their way into the font world via typography featuring real-life elements. Font carved around everyday situations, essentials and people is certainly one new visual to keep an eye on.

Designed by Krzysztof Iwanski

Bold Alignment and Kerning

The not-so-neat typography has gained great acknowledgement and thus more presence in the recent few years as it continues to grow. With its fashionable and stylish appeal, it makes a lasting and relevant impact on more than just a few people. Who said all must be only in ‘order’!

Designed by Akatre Studio

Designed by MONK Scriptorium

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