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Artworks - Osheen Siva
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An interesting approach to creating illustrations, Osheen Siva finds inspiration in her own thoughts, dreams and even nightmares. Unique and quirky colour combinations and a distinctive style can be seen in all her artworks.

Artworks - Osheen Siva
Ramen On. “How to Deal”, this illustration depicts the different ways of dealing with a sticky situations of the mundane life
Bothai. The inspiration behind this illustration is the excessive screen addiction during lockdown. The Tamil word 'Bothai' translates to drunk or in a trance.

Luckily, Osheen Siva shifted back to Goa from Delhi just before the lockdown and currently engaging herself in embracing the sunsets on beaches as well as creating illustrations. Her way of coping up in quarantine is to put on her earphones, listen to podcasts and sketch simultaneously. To reduce the amount of stress and anxiety, she prepares proper schedules, however, the minute they may be.

Artworks - Osheen Siva
Artwork donated to Design Fights Covid to help raise funds for Makers Asylum in creating medical equipment (M19 face shields)
Floating on. The phenomenon of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, that makes Osheen feel being caught up in two worlds and not able to react

Going back to the traditional method of sketching, she has been expanding her sketchbook practices and trying out mediums like acrylic and oil on canvas. Pushing her boundaries even further, Osheen has been taking up online animation and inking classes which she finds extremely engaging. Apart from using her time wisely to sketch and create unique artworks, she has been loving the practice of cooking all her meals and keeping up with her loved ones.

Artworks - Osheen Siva
Most Mornings. Describing her long work days and stressful nights as a full time Graphic Designer before transitioning into a freelance illustrator
Seeing Things, strange dreams that manifest themselves during the uncertain and erratic times.

As an artist, Osheen has an interesting take on the future for designers and people in the creative eld. She feels that the creative industry is going to be much more collaborative post the pandemic, with more opportunities for shifting the work culture remotely and perhaps delving deeper into the virtual space

Artworks - Osheen Siva
Grow Grow Grow. Designed for the Earth Day, the artwork represents the need to grow with our mother Earth
Artworks - Osheen Siva
Created for Converse’s Create at Home campaign, Osheen developed this illustration to depict the stay at home phenomenon

Published in Issue 50

We all started this year anticipating many things, but nobody thought of life coming to a complete halt. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every human to re-evaluate their attitude towards nature and life. We also have been forced to lock down in our houses. Though we are no more in the lockdown, still many unfortunate ones continue to lose their lives and livelihoods. This isolation has given many of us the time we needed to finish our long pending tasks. Some have turned to art and craft for peace and solace. While most got relaxed and enjoyed their time with family, others used the focussed time to prepare themselves for the life post lockdown. On the other hand, creative freelancers found it helpful for them to focus and produce more as their work setup usually is within their homes. So, to understand how all the creatives have handled the lockdown, we reached many who have been creating and sharing inspirational artworks during this time. So order your copy if you are looking for inspirational COVID lockdown artworks and some advice on how to handle the current slowdown more creatively!


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