Pune-based design agency, Elephant Design, recently displayed the power of the British Bulldog, Witlinger beer’s powerful mascot, in a re-branding initiative and process for the beverage company. Here is how they did it, as we run through the process behind the whole act.

When Pune-based design agency, Elephant, was approached to bring the powerful brand mascot to life, it did so by means of an upfront, affirmative and assertive new visual representation on the bottle to communicate Witlinger’s truly British personality.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

Witlinger’s Wheat Ale is India’s first wheat beer, unique because of its distinctive sweet orange and coriander flavours, much like Witlinger’s Lager that has a distinctive lemon grass finish and is brewed with British Hops. The British origins of these beverages, and so also the associated touch of the region that can be found in them, is something that cannot be ignored or concealed. It is this very quality that was chiefly used as the foundation or basis of Witlinger’s re-branding initiative, proudly declaring and proclaiming the same to the world without any sense of guilt or restraint through the ‘British Bulldog’, Witlinger’s symbol and mascot.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

The renewed and refined design with ‘British Bulldog’ as a mascot symbolises Witlinger’s true British origins in a fun and honest way, while mainly conveying a message of being bold. In light of this transformation, referring to the brand’s renewed design, Mr. Anuj Kushwah, Managing Director and Founder said, “This is an exciting time for Witlinger as we are showcasing our true identity and characteristics of being very British and honest with what we do i.e. making sincere and honest craft beer. This definitely adds fun in drinking good craft beer with the great bold design.

While many craft beers try to keep their origins vague or unclear, Witlinger decided to be a brand that rather wanted to convey its British roots unapologetically and openly. “We decided to leave the cliched British iconography, and found a true hero in British bulldog! The idea is to bring various facets of the persona to life on align with each of the crafted brews.” said Ashwini Deshpande, Co-founder, Director of Elephant.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

Operating since as long ago as 1989, Elephant is a leading strategic design agency with presence in India and Singapore, engaging clients such as Britannia, MTR, Paper Boat, and the likes. The agency recognized the emblematic power behind this concept, and decided to stick with it through the means and processes of illustration and symbolism, knowing that it would bring about the desired impact and effect on the audience.

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