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Arshad Sayyed is a passionate designer who makes a conscious effort to excel by following his aspirations while implementing basic design principles and advancing technology. He is an illustrator who is open to client interference while sticking to his belief ‘to fill every heart with an art.’

How Important is it to Stick to Your Roots?
How Important is it to Stick to Your Roots?
How Important is it to Stick to Your Roots?

Simplification is art and art lies in everything around us; with this belief, “Wallcano” has been creating some exquisite art pieces using less and creating more. Arshad chooses his subjects carefully as they act as the constants around which the execution and style (roots) rotate. He believes that black is a colour of darkness and depth, while white represents brightness and rise. When both are mixed, they create magic; much like his latest art piece where black has been used extensively as white brings out the details.

How Important is it to Stick to Your Roots?

Religious scriptures, college and school day teachings and the bustling life of passersby help Arshad to develop his style and recover from creative burnout. He urges artists to stick to their roots and recall old, treasured memories.

Modern Apsara
Indian Illustrators

Published in Best Indian Illustrators – Vol. 01

Despite being a deep and ancient culture of art, Indian art still needs more recognition at the world level. To make it easy for everyone to receive, we are launching a series of well-curated lists of Indian creatives & artists. We at Creative Gage tried our best to capture this nation’s immense love for arts in the modern era through our book, Best Indian Illustrators, by showcasing some of the most talented illustrators and by shedding light on the skilled creatives hailing from various parts of the country. We searched high and low, every nook and cranny to ensure that none of the gifted artists is left out. We have carefully handpicked select illustrators from a pool of entrants, ensuring the talented illustrators receive this well-deserved spotlight.


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Published in Issue 33

We all face it! But everyone has their own unique way to come out of it, in this issue we try to explore different ideas of handling the ‘Creative Burnout’. The most common of all was #travelling, through everyone do it in their own unique style. Like Luke Ritchie from South Africa finds the nature and mountains as the best source of inspiration while Sushant Ajnikar says riding his bike and meeting four-legged loyal friends, dogs, on the way is the best way to learn.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 54


Here is our 2017 collection of illustrations by Lokesh Karekar, Wallcano, Shreya Gulati and Ranganath Krishnamani, that well describe and represent, thorough current context, the significance of the day India marked its independence after a long freedom struggle.

Celebrate this Independence Day with free, easy to download mobile and desktop wallpapers of
the displayed artwork.

Freedom Fighter

Independence wallpaper 2017

We ought to remember all those souls that readily offered themselves in life and death to the Indian’s freedom movement. Hence all the leading icons of the nation’s freedom, in their iconic poses.

By Lokesh Karekar locopopo.com

Desktop Version: [lana_download id=”22011″]

Mobile Version: [lana_download id=”22018″]

Young India – Vibrant India

Independence wallpaper 2017

Young India, today, is synonymous of ‘Digital India’, where most things are expressed via hashtags. Thus depicting, hereby, the vibrant, positive and liberating tastes and trends of the nation’s youth, symbolised by one of its most insisted pursuits, gender equality.

By Wallcano wallcano.in

Desktop Version: [lana_download id=”22020″]

Mobile Version: [lana_download id=”22023″]

Light My Fire

Independence wallpaper 2017

70 Years of independence, yet the nation’s woman is not free in its true sense, hindered by various social stigma. This illustration serves as a tribute to all the powerful, all-encompassing women empowering themselves and each other.

By Shreya Gulati shreyagulati.in

Desktop Version: [lana_download id=”22026″]

A Dialogue

Independence wallpaper 2017

The splendor of the dialogue between the current times and storytelling monuments of the past is bygone with the splendor of the modern digital era, submerged in the glamour of the ‘selfie’—Hemakuta hill, Hampi, of 14th century Vijayanagar empire.

By Ranganath Krishnamani liquidink.design

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Mobile Version: [lana_download id=”22025″]

Creative Gaga - Issue 54