A Visual Identity is not just about aesthetics and appearance. It’s about communicating brand ethos with flair, and Design Stack does just that for upGrad.

Brief / Challenge

upGrad is an online higher education platform. It provides university education online for working professionals, especially those who are looking for a change mid-career. The e-learning platform vouches for its quality education through partnerships with renowned universities and brands. Hence, the brand positioning and identity needed to reflect a professional and premium tone that is in line with the brand offering.


Design Stack redesigned the visual identity to help translate the vision of upGrad to the branding. The requirement was to bring forth the idea of professionalism, career upliftment and a supportive and conducive environment through visual cues.


For this Design Stack uses curved lowercase letters teamed with an uppercase ‘G’ to convey professionalism and approachability. The up-pointing arrow in the watermark perfectly communicates how the brand empowers learners to correct their career courses. The arrow also gives a sense of positivity and optimism.


The striking red colour signifies the burning passion to make a positive change in life.

All the elements used in the visual identity come together to represent professionalism, warmth, positivity, passion and a promise.

Design Stack

A well-established branding and design studio based out of Mumbai specialises in creating relevant brand identity and communication through structured research, rigorous brainstorming and in-depth understanding of the brand consumers. Design Stack has worked with a wide range of industry verticals which include brands like TATA, Penguin Publishing, Cox & Kings, Asian Paints and more. The studio has also received numerous prestigious awards.

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Onassis Cultural Centre, a space that brings together people to express and discover diverse art and contemporary culture, needed a visual identity that translated the same. And Beetroot Design shows us how it’s done.

Brief/ Challenge:

Onassis Cultural Centre, a platform for artists to come together to showcase and discover contemporary bold art, required an equally bold visual identity for the season 2017-18. This Athens based institution needed the identity to be open and relevant to everyone, thus reflecting the core idea behind OCC.


Beetroot Design Group, a multi-award winning, Thessaloniki based design firm, explored and created a visual identity for OCC, that is made for everyone, and yet so unique. Beetroot achieved thus by putting together all the typographies from the publications and events of the season, thus portraying them all under one visual identity. For this, the firm specially created software, Flow Type, which is now available for free. The software helped handle the high volume of typographies and played a key role in their manipulation, thus resulting in expressive free-flowing words.

The overall visual identity is an explosion of energy, colours, movement and boldness. Each piece of work is vastly different in its expression, but it is beautiful how they all come together to narrate a single story.

Client: Onassis Cultural Centre
Design Studio: Beetroot Design

The dentist is one person no one really fancies. Isn’t that true for most of us, out there? Not many cherish or take delight in the idea of going even for the “routine check-up”. That was considered to be the fundamental problem when coming-up with a whole new campaign for The Tooth Company, a multi-speciality dental care centre in Hyderabad. As a result, NH1 Design, a boutique design studio in Gurgaon, chose a completely new approach–one that would turn out to be more friendly and communicative, on the whole- while spearheading the designing process.


The Challenge

The task wasn’t just to create the brand identity of a dental chain; it was, rather, to bring about a change in the behaviour (and so also psychology and approach) of people towards oral care. “How do we get people to start going to the dentist again?” was the question that was looked at being answered through the new campaign. The base idea or concept, therefore, was to create a brand that brought about a sense of reassurance in people towards dentists, in effort and awareness towards maintaining oral care. What was essentially needed was a brand language that comforted people, so as to replace the fear within them of going to the dentist.

The Essential Logo

Since The Tooth Company follows the ‘Let&’s Talk’ philosophy, communication playing a rather key and vital role in reducing anxiety in the time of tooth ache, the brand identity composed of quotation marks that form the shape of a tooth, thereby merging teeth care and communication. There’s not much a good, healthy and positive communication cannot solve.

Enhancing the Overall Experience

The Tooth Company aims to reduce patient anxieties through experience design. The minimalist design was thus made to combine with the freshening and renewing vibe of the colour green, purified air, suspended natural aroma, calming music, carefully chosen soothing colours, as well as noise cancellation headphones and eye masks to relax during the treatment.


The final Solution

In this way, the ambience, look and feel of the place was made to alter the experience of the customer, trying to make a time of ache as less troublesome as possible. After all, the way one perceives something is how one experiences it, isn’t it?

Missing Tooth
Tooth Decay
Root Canal

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