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Photographer and 3D illustration artist Romain Braccini is a successful freelancer who has completed 100+ projects. He has a unique style with the elements and shapes he uses, to make it both simple and satisfying. It is inspiring to see him be courageous to deal with big dreams and desires in his world of art.

Romain Braccini is a 3D illustration artist and motion designer based in Paris, with over more than 100 completed projects in his portfolio. His work contains inspiration from humans, nature, the everyday world, and other innovative liberties of art

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

He creates across various 3D illustration mediums and works on these characters and ideas. He takes astride on his creative problems by doing a time block, where he starts sketching out things from scratch on paper to figure it all out. The most technical problems have answers on the internet.

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

An artist has to know how to be efficient to deal with these kinds of problems on an everyday basis so that the process of creation is smooth and follows a certain rhythm. Learning new techniques every day is a process that helps every creative improve in their art form, says Romain.

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni
3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

Romain works on multiple passion projects, and he believes in giving them as much importance as his professional work. He feels that it gives him a new light of looking at his work, and gives a completely different understanding of work.

We mostly learn something from every little project, and he organizes his thoughts and ideas to put his best one forward. Romain’s unique style mixes 2D and 3D illustrations of art, and he works on creating simple and satisfying shapes to make an interesting illustration. He always looks forward to expressing himself with everything that he does.

His team works with him tosometimes work on finding the right subjects and creating new ideas Romain’s unfaltering passion for his work is clearly shown with his imaginative art, where he almost captures the images in his mind to his work.

Not only art, graphics, and 3D illustrations, Romain has been inspired by music as well. He listens to a lot of albums, some of which he feels has motivated him to create newer things. He believes in a strong link between music, art, and animation, and those artists that create such powerful music pass it on to listeners with their vibrations. This has also helped him work with artists like Adrobski, who’s specialized in sound design, and helps him work on new ideas.

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

Being a photographer as well, Romain works on a system of organisation between these different passions of his. That is the most important trait of a freelancer, he says. When the work that you receive cannot be termed “regular”, you have the time and energy to focus on personal projects that add up to your skill-set.


Romain has added another feather to his cap with his interest in photography. He feels that photography brings a real perspective to everything. Video helps him develop his 3D illustration work, he says. He concludes by planting the thoughts of organisation in our mind, and how that is most essential to be a master of all.

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

You can find Romain Braccini on Instagram.

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