Sometimes, unplanned things happen to be the most cherished. Like a work of art that is created with no distinctive thoughts or direction. Employing this random tool in her designs, Rohina Thapar gives us a glimpse into her black and white free-flowing world.

Rohina Thapar - Free flowing
Rohina Thapar - Free flowing

Like a flowing string of spaghetti, Rohina makes use of the timeless combination of black and white, to create designs dictated by spontaneity and randomness. Unique in her approach, most of her designs have no justification or meaning behind it. Rohina chooses to go with the flow of lines, letting them bring out the final form, before jumping in to steer it into a conscious dimension. The presence of rhythm and surreal thoughts and elements in her creations, offer a sense of completion even with the absence of colour.

Rohina Thapar - Free flowing

Published in Issue 22

This issue is dedicated to the talented design graduates who are not just looking to work but seeking experience in order to realise the greater goal of life. The issue features various designers from India and abroad. Kevin Roodhorst from The Netherlands realised his goal so early in life that propelled him to start his career as a designer as young as 13. To name a few talents we have Vivek Nag from Fine Arts from Rachna Sansad Mumbai, Simran Nanda from Pearl Academy New Delhi, Anisha Raj from MAEER MIT Institute of Design Pune, Giby Joseph from Animation and Art School Goa and many more. This issue gives a fresh perspective of talented graduates and their unique approach to design.

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Creative Gaga - Issue 55