A typeface is not just the namesake of a brand. It instead reveals the brand’s story, indicating its nature and rendering it tangible for its users. Tumblr is one such illustration, illustrated by Dinamo.



Doug Richard, Tumblr’s Creative Director, was on the look-out for a change in their typeface that could work for their app as well as account for all of their brand and product design needs to universalize the brand collateral. The need was for a typeface that would be purely functional for UI, with a flexible personality across brand materials.


The requirement was for the kind of a typeface that was neutral enough to represent a diverse mix of communities, individuals and interests, would compliment the logo and also differentiate them from competitor products and brands.



Looking at the typefaces matching the requirement list, Tumblr decided on using the typeface Favorit offered by Dinamo and customising it to their specific needs.


Favorit has a friendly yet commanding presence that successfully balances foundational sans serif attributes with assertive, contemporary geometry.


The Favorit-Tumblr 

Dinamo, a swiss type design agency, in collaboration with Tumblr, worked on Favorit, cut new characters, interpolated new weights, introduced new punctuation and scaled its overall appearance to successfully create Favorit-Tumblr, a 4-weight, 16-style typeface that was functional yet expressive and matching the requirement criteria.


The Favorit Tumblr family offers screen optimized weights in both the Standard and Lining versions with corresponding italics ensuring flawless legibility.


The Favorit-Tumblr Lining

The lining weight interacts with the font’s descenders in a playful but methodical fashion, which has been particularly useful across product explorations; allowing to differentiate usernames, hashtags and links from other words.


Favorit-Tumblr’s Lining style contextually merges characters with an integrated underline to create new shapes. By default, it’s ideal for simple text highlighting, while with the “Rock’n’Roll” feature enabled it merges all initial and final word characters with the underline in a more exaggerated way.


The Favorit-Tumblr styles feature distinct glyph amendments like: custom cut characters, two sets of circled numbers optimized for in-app use, in-line logos, expressive alternative quotation marks and redesigned ligatures.


The Tumblr Logo

For the logo, the “t” and “r” characters were re-cut to stylistically align with defining attributes of the custom typeface. Other letters received more subtle updates; cleaning up overly nuanced attributes and bringing a more architectural feel to the mark.


Optimizations such as the elimination of curved intersections, helped to optimize the logo for small screens without losing its essence. A strategical step to remove the logo’s period allowed the logo and typeface to seamlessly integrate across all naming conventions.



Tumblr began quietly implementing first cuts of the font in June of 2017, while its evolution was still in process over the following year, allowing it to mature alongside their visual language.


In June of 2018, Tumblr rolled out the new logo, soon to be followed by the full-scale implementation of Favorit-Tumblr across all their web and app products.


Client: Tumblr
Agency: Dinamo
Creative Director: Doug Richard
Art Directors: Erik Blad, Alessandra Bautista
Designer: Julianne Waber
Typeface Design: Johannes Breyer, Fabian Harb, Robert Janes
Mastering: Chi-Long Trieu

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Mailchimp, a successful marketing company, announced a rebranding that stands out while staying true to the essence of the company.


Brief/ Challenge: 

The marketing company, Mailchimp has grown exponentially over the past 17 years of their existence. After all the success they wanted a complete rebranding that caught everyone’s attention and stayed true to their identity.



When young companies grow over years and succeed, they tend to go for a rebranding that reflects their new found maturity and expertise in the field. The general trend is to shed their old skin of unpolished branding, to embrace a more sophisticated, cutting edge appearance.


Collins, a New-York based strategy and design company, did the exact opposite with the rebranding for Mailchimp, and that’s what makes it interesting. Instead of reflecting the 17 years of success and experience the company has seen, the rebranding demonstrates a child-like personality, with rough and sketchy illustrations and a 1920’s typeface. Even Freddie, the logo-cum-mascot was slightly modified but retained. The overall feel of the branding is something of a kindergarten scrapbook, but in doing so the brand comes across as friendly. The rebranding dispels the unapproachable vibe that we generally see with technology companies. Only time can tell if this strategy will work. But it is definitely a bold and unique approach.


Client: Mailchimp
Design Studio: Collins
Solution/Expertise: Branding Strategy, Communication Design

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Rebranding a well-established company, giving it new additional values and sustaining it of its exceptional worth in the eyes of its customers is not an easy task! Elephant Design has successfully achieved this in its encounter with Easyday of the Future Group.



The Future Group has had the exceptional ability to understand Indian shoppers, anticipate their needs and deliver good in-store experiences across all its retail chains including Easyday, Nilgiris and heritage stores.


Easyday is a re-imagined neighborhood food and grocery store that is driven by local communities and serves a modern, personalized Indian shopping experience to its members. For the local community of loyal members, it is the Naye Andaaz Wali, Apne Pados Ki Dukaan.


The Future Group was looking for an ability to build a strong unified brand expression and its fluid translation into retail experience. The ask included everything from building an evocative brand identity to visual story-telling, from presenting products in aspirational ways to translating shopper insights into store services and layouts.


Easyday now wanted to be unique and different by turning into an exclusive members-only benefits club, “Easyday Club”, offering a hyper local community shopping experience to its customers. Providing everything from home care, personal care and food to services like delivery, launch invites, etc, it wishes to be a one-stop-shop to meet all needs. It also has another format called ‘Easyday Fresh”, offering many more choices in fresh foods, dairy, fruit & vegetables.


The Future group partnered with Elephant Design to have their brand identity revamped and re-designed, along with the retail layout and principles.



Easyday is defined as a brand that is reliable, respectable and honest, powered by trust, passion and innovation and with integrity at its core.


Easyday is the Retail 3.0 experience where physical store experience is delivered with uniform digital layer that helps shoppers retain their own identity and also gives them access to exclusive offers in every category.


The process started out by pivoting the brand on fresh and a never-before shopping experience of everyday groceries meant exclusively for members.


Fresh Brand 

Fresh & deep greens were the choice of colors to represent the refreshing experience people could expect from the brand.


The logo incorporated the EasyDay name and had to be associated with savings to indicate a friendly neighborhood store and showcase endless goods & benefits for members. The use of a wallet as a logo seemed to have been apt with lower case letters showing approachability and the ribbon-like texture giving it a contemporary look.

Monochromatic and blended with a chalkboard treatment, a library of icons in one style, covering different categories of products was developed defining the visual identity of the brand used extensively, especially in the EasyDay Fresh stores.


All of the visual communication was built around the idea of community and helping farmers by buying locally sourced fresh produce. Freshness was a big part of the brand and was incorporated on the storefronts as well, lending a refreshing look to the stores.



In the spirit of building local connect, the logo has been carefully developed in several regional scripts without diluting the style & spirit. This shows the brand’s sincerity towards understanding and communicating in the same language as its members and adds to the approachability at every level.

First Impressions

With front doors acting as the first impression creators for any retail outlet, Elephant design aims at making use of this element to not only impress the existing members but also invite prospective members. The façade glazing leaves some room for imagination through friendly and conversational messages that tell about the benefits of being members and invites the visitors to check it out for themselves by stepping inside.


Store layout and design

At Easyday stores, bright lights, clean aisles, conversational signage, new launches corner and a promise of best deals in every category—all of this is a carefully planned experience around shopper needs & desires.


To ensure a consistent experience from store to store, no matter the location, there are certain common principles built within the store experience.


Internal pillars, walls, beams and product displays are accented in Easyday greens for a brand-centric look & feel which extends to shopping carts and baskets as well.


The aisle signages are in a Dinoc raw wood finish to offer a hint of rustic and a subtle affinity with ‘farm-fresh’ crate packaging.


In-store signage is treated as a means of conversing with the customer and is clear, compelling, friendly & on-brand. A community bulletin board is placed near the entrance-exit to encourage Easyday Club members to promote their services & share information on local events, for a more involved Community connect.


Grocery plus

The beauty of Easyday Club is that members can pick up the freshest gourmet salad dressing and eyeliner at the same time or even have it delivered by sending a simple Whatsapp message!


In time, Easyday Club will add other conveniences like delivery & pick-up of online purchases from e-commerce players or maybe a laundry service or utility bill payments depending upon what the members find valuable.


Tone of voice

Without great service, a well-designed store means nothing.


While training plays a major role in delivering consistent service, communication through wall graphics, signage, uniforms and carry bags help maintain a consistent & friendly tone of voice throughout the store.


So don’t be surprised to read a sign that says “Take care of yourself” guiding one to the personal care section or shopping assistant’s jacket that says “Looking for something?”



Offers and product-mix may change across locations depending upon specific local preferences, but Easyday’s thoughtful presentation and commitment to elevating the shopping experience would remain the same across every store, the idea being that members can shop with confidence knowing they will find great value they’ve come to expect from Future Group.


Within a year of the first Easyday Club store’s setup in late 2017, there are already more than 30 stores in running!


Client: Future Group | Easyday Club
Design Studio: Elephant Design
Solution/Expertise: Branding Strategy, Communication Design, Retail


Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Sometimes reworking on just a few elements of the already existing package of multiple things and leaving the rest as they are proves to be successful. DesignStudio used a similar theory to rebrand Evernote as a brand.


Evernote was launched in 2008 as a way to remember everything from anywhere. In the lead-up to its ten-year anniversary, the company embarked on a mission to reposition itself from a note-taking app and more clearly reflect what the company does today-helping people manage information overload and find their focus.


DesignStudio were brought in to develop the brand strategy and a visual ID system to bring this to life.


DesignStudio partnered closely with the Evernote team to develop a brand purpose, helping Evernote and its users to focus on what matters most.


Starting with an exploration of the logo and wordmark, they developed a fresh, energetic and modern visual system to bring the positioning to life. Also, a brand video was developed for a company-wide brand reveal as part of Evernote’s ten-year anniversary.

The Foundation 

It all started with the logo, an elephant (affectionately named Mads, after Evernote’s first paying customer). An elephant is thought to “never forget”, representing the company’s original mission, and over the years had developed equity with Evernote users. Launching a wide-ranged exploration of elephant logos, from the elaborate to the deconstructed, was a great help in determining that Mads needed more evolution than revolution.

The Evolution 

Mads, the elephant, was evolved with more rigorous geometry, unified shapes, curves, and a trunk composed of a spiral, a shape that represents progress. Mads was then paired with a new wordmark comprised of initial case serif typography, with an editorial feel that nods to Evernote as a writing tool and its founder, Stepan Pachikov, and his belief in the importance of the written word.


The overall effect is optimistic, clever, confident and clear, more trustworthy than trendy.

Bringing It to Life 

A fresh, modern and clean colour palette was developed to evolve the brand’s heritage green, vibrant chartreuse and black and to create a visual system that prominently featured bold graphic illustration and typography.


The illustrations communicate the idea of focus by organizing disparate information and inputs, represented by colour blocks and patterns. The illustrations were then scaled from complex, large-scale marketing messages to smaller product illustrations and a system of iconography.


DesignStudio created the new Evernote brand to tell a story of how the organization allows people to focus on what matters most.


Evernote is loved by a devout user base, so care was taken to retain the spirit and charm of what existed, while evolving the brand to appeal to a broader audience.


The new visual system echoes the brand DNA of Optimistic, Clever, Confident and Clear. Bold colours, pithy language, and a modern illustrative and photography approach work together to create a brand system that’s cohesive and decisively Evernote.

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


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Rebranding is the art of refreshing the existing and  inducing a new spirit into it. The process can be challenging, if not daunting, but that is where the fun and excitement lie. Here are some of the best rebranding projects in recent times; take a peek.

Rebranding – Aditya Birla Group​​​​​​​ 

Ranked among the top four Indian Design agencies by The Economic Times, VGC has designed the third and even more dynamic avatar of the Aditya Birla Group logo.​​​​​​​
Aditya Birla - Creativegaga
Aditya Birla logo - Creativegaga

The detailed Case study is here


Rebranding Bake Factory, the Art of Baking 


A Pune-based branding & design studio, Cub Design recently created an identity for Bake Factory which will have you reaching out for the genuine baked goodness!
Bake Factory Logo - Creativegaga
Cub Design Bake Factory - Creativegaga

The complete Case study is here.


Rebranding ​​​​​​​Bombay Brasserie, the Culinary Expert 


Design Stack owned by Anoop Patnaik and Priyanka Bhasin runs us through their approach, idea and process behind providing a concept-based branding solution to culinary experts, Bombay Brasserie.
Bombay Brasserie Logo - Creativegaga
Bombay Brasserie - Creativegaga

More on Case study here.


Rebranding the ​​​​​​​Classical Identity of SBI


Design Stack spells out the major and minor of rebranding State Bank of India from its conventional state to one more representative of current times and digital services.
SBI - Creativegaga

Detailed Case study


Reimagined the 2016 Games for Costa Rica  


The Costa Rican advertising agency, Publimark Mullenlowe, imagined what the branding & identity for the venue of the games would look like, and explored the possibilities of design.

Game of Costa Rica - Creativegaga
Alajuela 2016 GIF - Creativegaga

A complete Case study is here.


A Self-rebranding Project – Curiosity


Curiosity enables us to question everything around us and lean into uncertainty with a positive approach. This self-branding film by artist Eui Soo Lim showcases curiosity as an integral part of problem-solving to find creative solutions.
Curiosity - Creativegaga
Curiosity Project - Creativegaga

A Luxury Client Rebranding


A purely design based service, LOCOPOPO Studio attach contemporary graphics to their clients need for branding that is simple, bold and fresh!
Locopopo Luxury - Creativegaga

The detailed Case study


Rebranding – Mumabaiya Vada Pav​​​​​​​


NH1 Design takes us through its approach behind freshly branding a local Indian street food outlet while ensuring that it retains an identity credible of being authentic, fun, young and affordable.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Maja ni Life - Creativegaga

The complete Case study


Rebranding – The age-old brand, MTR 


We all have a soft corner for the old brands as they been helping us in many odd times and needs. But as our lives are getting modernised so do our choices and requirements. To match that and continue to stay on our kitchen shelves, MTR has gone for a rebranding exercise with the help of Elephant team. Here, the Design Director, Mayuri Nikumbh explains the process and thoughts behind the rebranding of this age-old brand.
MTR products - Creativegaga
MTR - Creativegaga

More details on Case study


Rebranding – The Ruby Mills


Polishing century-old successful brand values to be in possession of a fresh and refined visual identity for ones’ clients and competitors is a must-do these days. ‘The Ruby Mills Ltd’ aka ‘Ruby’, rebranded in collaboration with Elephant Design, is a perfect example to follow.
Ruby Mills - Creativegaga
Ruby Mills Magazine - Creativegaga

A detailed Case study here.


The Spectranet 


The new revamped design of Spectranet by Ochre is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and customer centric.

Spectra - Creativegaga
Spectra Business Card - Creativegaga

More details on Case study


Rebranding – ​​​​​​​The Tooth Company

The dentist is one person no one really fancies. Isn’t that true for most of us, out there? Not many cherish or take delight in the idea of going even for the “routine check-up”. That was considered to be the fundamental problem when coming-up with a whole new campaign for The Tooth Company, a multi-speciality dental care centre in Hyderabad. As a result, NH1 Design, a boutique design studio in Gurgaon, chose a completely new approach one that would turn out to be more friendly and communicative, on the whole-while spearheading the designing process.
The Tooth Company - Creativegaga
The Tooth Company Treatment - Creativegaga

Find a detailed Case study here.


Rebranding – Witlinger Beer’s Packaging 

Pune-based design agency, Elephant Design, recently displayed the power of the British Bulldog, Witlinger beer’s powerful mascot, in a re-branding initiative and process for the beverage company. Here is how they did it, as we run through the process behind the whole act.

Witlinger Beer Packaging - Creativegaga
Witlinger Beer’s - Creativegaga

A detailed Case study


Rebranding – ​​​​​​​Zee Cinema 

The changing times often call for channels to rediscover themselves and refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design to revamp its brand undergoing a total visual transformation at the commencement of a new era in cinema.
Zee Cinema- Creativegaga
ZeeCinema Menu - Creativegaga

More Details on Case study

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Is it the right time for rebranding? And what may be the pros and cons of missing this opportunity? Many questions surface in our mind when we think of rebranding. Here, Chandan Wadhwa, director of Lopamudra Creative, provides answers to some of them with his unique experience.

Changing your branding is a great move but it can also turn into an embarrassing goof. It’s a risky endeavour. Though a lot depends on the purpose of rebranding whether it is a turning point in the company’s history or a massacre of followers.


Whichever is your reason, but rebranding surely calls for great marketing efforts. Without it, the brand could just lose it all, as the old doesn’t exist and the new has no recognition. Like Airtel, Videocon and Micromax; all did a great marketing exercise after rebranding to capture the market and gain recognition.

It’s always and never the right time for rebranding. It’s a decision that is based on a lot of variables and comes down to your brand’s exact positioning in the market.


If rebranding has ever crossed your mind, then it’s a good indication to start researching. No one knows your customer and brand better than you. Just trust your gut!

If you are still indecisive about it then here are a few pros and cons of rebranding.

Graphic Design Opinion:-  6 Steps Guide to Getting Design Education


• A new vision. A new promise. And new customers.


• Your brand will be in sync with the industry trends and the new generation.


• You will be ready to grab fresh opportunities in the new market.


• Brings a fresh energy into a workplace. Employees stick around more expecting a better opportunity.


• It also surprises your competitors.


• Expensive and time taking exercise. Requires Patience unless you hire Fiverr (but then you are definitely screwed).


• If you change your visual marketing without changing the company focus or vision, customers will detect that the new image is just ‘the lipstick on a pig’.


• And rebranding without remarketing is a ‘Suicide’.


• Rebranding is sometimes confused with a change of ownership or even bankruptcy. So, if you don’t do the research and hire the right experts, you can end up confusing your existing clientele too.

To summarise, if you are thinking about a rebranding exercise, don’t forget that it is an overall strategy and not just as simple as changing your logo. Every element you change can have a significant impact on your brand image as a whole. Also, make sure your new brand identity should be consistently carried across all marketing channels

Published in Issue 34

This is a rebranding special issue focused on finding the answers to some of the basic questions like what is the right time for re-branding? or what all needs changing and how exactly? We interviewed some of the best branding studios like Landor Mumbai, Elephant, VGC, Inchwork, and many more. If you are considering rebranding or want to learn more about the art of doing it then this issue is a must-read. So, go ahead and


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Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Polishing century-old successful brand values to be in possession of a fresh and refined visual identity for ones’ clients and competitors is a must-do these days. “The Ruby Mills Ltd” aka “Ruby”, rebranded in collaboration with Elephant Design, is a perfect example to follow.


Ruby Mills has incorporated a century ago in the year of 1917 as a composite textile mill and still continues to grow its operations in manufacturing of cotton and blended fabrics.


With a track record of innovation and progressive business practices, Ruby Mills wanted to enter the next century with a clear brand positioning, well-defined values and a refreshed visual identity.


Ruby Mills teamed with Elephant, one of India’s leading brand strategy and design firms to showcase its transformation with a new brand identity system.


Rebranding a legacy that has been a significant part of India’s journey from fighting for #Swadeshi to proudly #MakeInIndia for over a century was a huge responsibility. Elephant was tasked with realigning the brand for today’s progressive aspirations while keeping the heritage & dignity intact.

Elephant wanted to develop the existing visual equity of Ruby in a contemporary manner, keeping its visual language flexible enough for online & offline media and product representation.


Inputs from stakeholders, top management and business associates led the Elephant team to reiterate & articulate values for the company. Inspiration was drawn from the brand’s core values of innovation, sustainability, ethical & responsible manufacturing and excellence in quality to build an ownable palette of icons for various communication needs.

Each icon was created with the same visual grammar and treatment as the logo symbol created for the brand. This was done in order to convey innovation and expertise of the brand and make it easier to adapt sub-brands and other business verticals.


The brand name connoted preciousness and worked as a solid foundation to work with. Using the structure of a Ruby, a dynamic and vibrant logo rooted in the brand’s tradition, fused with a contemporary flair was designed.

The red heart in the logo denotes passion, one of the brand’s core principles. An accent colour was added to show the brand’s evolving and multifaceted nature.


The new brandmark consists only the name ‘Ruby’, doing away with the entire company name “The Ruby Mills Ltd” in the previous visual identity. The new typeface for the logo was made in uppercase, with an amalgamation of smooth and sharp edges.


The variation of colours in the logo opened up a colour palette for designing the visual language. A library of graphics and visuals was created, entirely customizable with the brand’s requirements. This made Ruby adaptable and gave them the flexibility to foray into newer areas and ventures in the future.

The new logo and visual language were launched in a trade show, where it received a phenomenal response from existing trade associates as well as potential ones. The new identity was found completely aligned to the Ruby legacy and its progressive future. The Ruby team is in the process of implementing the newly designed language throughout their portfolio and intends to complete it in 2018.

Client: Ruby Miils
Design Studio: Elephant Design
Solution: Rebranding, Visual-Identity Design

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Ranked among the top four Indian Design agencies by The Economic Times, VGC has designed the third and even more dynamic avatar of the Aditya Birla Group logo.

A new journey of the Aditya Birla Group (ABG) was marked by revamping the company branding. VGC lead and anchored this transformation across print and digital media. Keeping the original concept of the logo; a centrally placed sun radiating criss-cross beams as a symbol of hope, timeless values and boundless optimism of ABG. A partnership of 20 years between VGC & ABG has resulted in 3 logo developments for the company, each modernised to fit the legacy ABG.

The third avatar of the ABG logo is derived from the original logo itself (designed by VGC earlier), the brand language is a vibrant; instant connect to the look and feel of the logo mark and the values that it stands for. A small variation in the colour palette lifts the entire logo, showcasing the youthfulness of the company while staying rooted in their heritage expressing its richness and diversity.

The bright colorful sun at the base forms its solid foundation in a bolder and more forceful global version. The crisscrossing sunbeams connote the vibrant internal and external movement of energy; like a prism it refracts the multi-dimensional aspects of the Aditya Birla Group.

Published in Issue 34

This is a rebranding special issue focused on finding the answers to some of the basic questions like what is the right time for re-branding? or what all needs changing and how exactly? We interviewed some of the best branding studios like Landor Mumbai, Elephant, VGC, Inchwork, and many more. If you are considering rebranding or want to learn more about the art of doing it then this issue is a must-read. So, go ahead and


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Creative Gaga - Issue 49


Pune-based design agency, Elephant Design, recently displayed the power of the British Bulldog, Witlinger beer’s powerful mascot, in a re-branding initiative and process for the beverage company. Here is how they did it, as we run through the process behind the whole act.

When Pune-based design agency, Elephant, was approached to bring the powerful brand mascot to life, it did so by means of an upfront, affirmative and assertive new visual representation on the bottle to communicate Witlinger’s truly British personality.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

Witlinger’s Wheat Ale is India’s first wheat beer, unique because of its distinctive sweet orange and coriander flavours, much like Witlinger’s Lager that has a distinctive lemon grass finish and is brewed with British Hops. The British origins of these beverages, and so also the associated touch of the region that can be found in them, is something that cannot be ignored or concealed. It is this very quality that was chiefly used as the foundation or basis of Witlinger’s re-branding initiative, proudly declaring and proclaiming the same to the world without any sense of guilt or restraint through the ‘British Bulldog’, Witlinger’s symbol and mascot.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

The renewed and refined design with ‘British Bulldog’ as a mascot symbolises Witlinger’s true British origins in a fun and honest way, while mainly conveying a message of being bold. In light of this transformation, referring to the brand’s renewed design, Mr. Anuj Kushwah, Managing Director and Founder said, “This is an exciting time for Witlinger as we are showcasing our true identity and characteristics of being very British and honest with what we do i.e. making sincere and honest craft beer. This definitely adds fun in drinking good craft beer with the great bold design.

While many craft beers try to keep their origins vague or unclear, Witlinger decided to be a brand that rather wanted to convey its British roots unapologetically and openly. “We decided to leave the cliched British iconography, and found a true hero in British bulldog! The idea is to bring various facets of the persona to life on align with each of the crafted brews.” said Ashwini Deshpande, Co-founder, Director of Elephant.

#BlodyBritish - British Bulldog

Operating since as long ago as 1989, Elephant is a leading strategic design agency with presence in India and Singapore, engaging clients such as Britannia, MTR, Paper Boat, and the likes. The agency recognized the emblematic power behind this concept, and decided to stick with it through the means and processes of illustration and symbolism, knowing that it would bring about the desired impact and effect on the audience.

Creative Gaga - Issue 49