Have you ever wondered why you chose to go to that particular restaurant, why you ordered from one e-commerce website and not from any other, or why you opted to fly that airline?

It’s BRANDING! Branding can make or break any business. Branding is the soul of a business. That is why the business of branding is the most critical business of a business. Companies spend millions and billions, but it takes the right strategies, positioning, messaging, the right looks, and much more for a business to become a brand that people love, trust, and feel proud to use in their products and services.

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About this Webinar

Branding can make or break any business. It’s the soul of a business. That’s why the business of branding is the most crucial business of a business. Companies spend millions and billions but it takes the right strategies, positioning, messaging, the right looks, and much more for a business to become a brand that people love, trust, and feel proud to use their products and services.

In this webinar, Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman & Founder – of VGC, will be sharing more than 3 decades of her insightful experiences in the Business of Branding.


Why Should You Attend?

No matter, if you’re a business owner, a highly experienced branding expert, or even if you’re starting to learn how branding works. This webinar is a MUST.

Get to know Preeti’s observations on how branding has evolved in the past 3 decades. What are the differences between building brands then and now? Get behind the scenes of some of the big projects that VGC did and also let Preeti answer your questions if any.

The Speakers

Preeti Vyas Preeti Vyas is the Chairwoman and Founder of Vyas Giannetti Creative with 30 years of experience. She has been counted among the 50 most influential women in India according to Impact and Verve magazines, ranked as one of the top creative minds by The Economic Times, and named one of the 25 most Powerful Women in Indian business by Business Today. Aditya Birla Group, Baskin Robbins, Pantaloons, and Converse are a few of the many big brands she helped go even bigger.



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Preeti Vyas
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Acclaimed Chairwoman and Founder at leading design and communication consultancy, VGC, Preeti Vyas deploys her experience and knowledge gained through the years to share with us the nature of competing in the design circuit, and the factors that influence winning and losing a pitch.

There are, essentially, three types of competitive scenarios:

1. Already existing clients, with the potential to give more business.

2. Potential clients who approach us.

3. Approaching and addressing businesses out there.

The task is, hence, multifarious. It ranges from the micro to the macro, and all are symbiotically connected. Having said that, at the core of it is to understand your own DNA and staying true to it. The passion for business must first start with the passion for one’s work. This is important because it will reflect in the body of your work. And, when all the marketing dust settles, that will always remain as the moment of truth and become your brand aura.

With that, it is important to service existing clients excellently with good work; timely deliveries; proactive thinking, and sustaining a mutually respectful and comfortable relationship across all levels.

This golden formula, is to almost always keeps them away from going elsewhere, no matter what the temptations. In case any one element falters, you are risking losing a client to your competition.

Potential clients are influenced by your reputation; your presence in the media (digital or otherwise), and the preliminary research on your work. They might even ask for a multi-agency pitch, and if they have absolutely fallen in love with the combined aura of your work, the threshold to give in or walk away is yours to decide, with room to have the negotiations sway in your favour.

And lastly, the world is filled with potential clients and potential competition. It would serve you well to study both, and to work hard to keep polishing your aura, so as to maintain your brand differentiator and communicate it across available platforms, such as social media, website, direct marketing, events, publications, etc. It is important to be seen as a brand that stands for a vibrant, intelligent and creative solution provider that stays relevant by constantly exploring, innovating and expressing.

Published in Issue 37

The issue includes interactions with Preeti Vyas from VGC on ‘How to pitch for clients or retain the existing one’ and Ashish Deshpande from Elephant on ‘Challenges of working with a startup’, along with some best freelancers like Archan Nair, Shreya Shetty and Paul Sandip, sharing their knowledge of working with various clients. Also, Sachin Puthran from Thatzit.com gave a 10-point no-nonsense guide for studios to handle their finances. A must read, if you are planning for the financial year ahead or worried about your handling your money matter.


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With the vision to transform the marketplace through strategic integrated design and innovative communication solutions, VGC was founded in 1997 by Preeti Vyas. With some of India’s biggest business names as its clients, VGC provides sound strategies that translate into superior returns on creative investment, creating value through design and also work towards the larger evolution of the client’s Brand and the business as a whole.

Featured In

When celebrations are all around for the new year, everyone is curious about what this new year will bring. So, the rounds of looking back to the past year and trying to predict the new one starts. We started the same exploration through this issue by reaching various experts for their take on the trends for their respective fields. And with many expert interviews, we got various unique viewpoints, as Elephant Design shared the importance of having a well-thought packaging design for products. And on another hand, VGC gave an insight into, how a brand should be created for the Millennials. But to top it all, with very deep logical design thought, Itu Chaudhuri says that the trends are a modern seasonal disease, and we designers should continue taking it with a grain of ethically-produced, iodide-rich rock or sea salt. All-in-all this issue is a very interesting and a must-read, if you’re looking for greater clarity and want to start your year with a lot of deep design knowledge about the brand development to packaging design, user experience design, to storyboarding and more.

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